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A support group for people living with MPNs.

This group will give you the chance to meet other people with MPNs and also the clinical nurse specialists who can answer any questions you have about your MPN.

The first meeting of this new support group will take place on Tuesday 30th January 2018, 6 pm – 8 pm. The first meeting is to ‘meet the team’ and plan the future for the support group.

Meetings for the rest of 2018 will take place on:

Thursday 24th May

Thursday 27th September


The Oasis Room

Royal United NHS Foundation Trust Hospital

Coombe Park



The group will be run by Theresa Peters, the Macmillan Haematology Clinic Nurse Specialist at the hospital.

The meetings are free to attend, you will need to book to attend as Theresa needs to have confirmation of numbers attending, you can either email or leave a voicemail message with your details. Email is Theresa.peters@nhs.net

phone is 01225 825091. Or alternatively you can email info@mpnvoice.org.uk.

Parking charges will be covered, you will need to inform the main reception that you are attending the group meeting, and also give details of your vehicle registration number.

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