the 1st east midlands mpn group meeting

the first mpn group meeting will be on the 21st January 2015 at 6.30pm till 8.30pm at Maggie's in the grounds of the city hospital Nottingham. go in the door and down the stairs to the kitchen and for the first meeting we will meet in there. could you let me know who might be attending please. Angela the specialist mpn nurse will be in attendance, this first meeting is quite informal and Angela will speak to us to introduce herself and see what we want from the group. the group will be on the third weds of each month 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Maggie's I hope that quarterly we will have different speakers for the first hour on various subjects that are of interest to mpn patients. for example specialist nurses and doctors, Macmillan, Maggie's ,carer association's, benefits advice etc. If there is anything in particular we need to know as a group we can hopefully source someone to come and talk to us about this. I am hoping the group will support us as individuals but also our families and give us the information to live with our condition.i look forward to meeting you all michelle

an update maz will also be joining us which I think us absolutely fantastic

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  • Hi

    brill stuff, i'll be there


  • Look forward to meeting you x

  • Well done look forward to meeting you there. Something exciting after Xmas

  • Look forward to meeting you

  • weds 21st jan 2015 at 6.30pm to 8.30pm at maggies city hospital campus Nottingham its the first entrance from the ringroad off hucknall road as you come through the entrance look to your left maggies is in the trees next to the breast cancer unit when you come into Maggie come down the steps next to lift or use lift to first floor and we will meet in the kitchen look forward to seeing you all there

  • Well done you. I hope it really works well. We run conferences down here on diet, exercise and emotional well being. Happy to share list of speakers we use.

  • wow that would be fantastic thank you

  • Thank for organizing this meeting .Looking forwards to meeting you then .

  • so pleased you coming and looking forward to meeting you also michelle

  • Thanks Shelly for organising it takes a lot of effort. In my diary and see you on 19th dec x

  • looking forward to meeting again on 19th dec

  • maz will join us which is great

  • At present there aye six if us and maz and Angela think that's pretty good a first meeting looming forward to meeting yoy all

  • 3 more people have contacted maz and will be attending meeting so should e a good turn out weather permitting looking forward to meeting you all michelle

  • About eight coming nowi believe looking forward to meeting you all

  • although we don't have to pay to meet at maggies they do ask for a donation anyone any ideas of how we do this please I think it because we can use there tea coffee etc we are booked in on 21st in the kitchen although there is another group in that night who will be upstairs as you come in the door the kitchen is straight down the stairs

  • hi again what I have decided to do is to take a tin of biscuits and a jar of coffee as a donation for the first time and then we can work it out from there what are others thoughts I have arranged for someone to come and talk to us about benefit at out april meeting and also for a patient to come and talk to us hopefully at out aug meeting but will of course get the groups views on the 21st to what we want from the group looking forward to meeting you all have a lovely Christmas and new year

  • would it be useful for me to put a list of the meetings on here for the year it will be always the 3rd weds of the month at maggies notttingham city hospital at 6.30 pm

  • Angela looking forward to meeting you all kate who runs maggie's will be with us x

  • Hi

    Do they prefer donations in the way of coffee/tea etc? Or prefer money?

    Im happy to bring a box of tea bags and biscuits or something


  • Thank you Paul I think normally is money donations but that why I thought take biscuits etc and ty would be grateful shows we appreciate even though we have no money as group trey

  • Getting close now very excited

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