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More on tumeric / curcumin

Following on from Tinkerbell's post yesterday, there is a fuller explanation in the Express that you can find at express.co.uk/life-style/he...

I don't have access to the BMJ, but if anyone does and could post it here, there is apparently a write up by Dr. Abbas Zaidi in the Case Reports section.

I suspect this won't be a miracle cure, but another weapon in the MPN armory can't be a bad thing.

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Many thanks. It's always good to see the source document.




Thanks for the link. Interesting. Tend to prefer the BMJ over the Daily Mail / Express etc. 🙂.

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I've been taking curcumin since last August. I take the same one as Aime from Amazon. I had absolutely no expectations, well maybe a v doubting expectation!!!!! My regular blood checks have been excellent and my haem actually said from my bloods alone he would not suspect I had a blood disorder. Unfortunately I have a v large spleen so there's no mistaking my MF!!!! I've been given a low life expectancy as the Jakafi is not shrinking my spleen and have had MF 9 years in April. Who knows if the curcumin has helped but I went on hols with my 2 daughters and my gr daughter in Oct and more than coped. When I arrived home I upcycled a v large unit that was good for nothing and decorated my living room on my own. Prior to my curcumin days I was v low on energy. I feel it worked for me and I sure have nothing to lose. We're planning our next holiday but before that I will be decorating my hall,landing and stairs!!!!! My advice give it a try!!!!!!


Hi what curcumin tablets do you take?

My husband has pv I was thinking these might be good for him as he suffers fatigue.

Many thanks Tracey


Hi Eire,

I’m so pleased that you have had an improved quality of life. I really hope this continues for you.

Mary xx


thanks Ovingite and Tinks (my lovely little fairy), have just read the article and found it really interesting. I have just ordered a supply of Turmeric from Amazon to give it a try. Anything to help. Still have a rattly chest and no voice so anything to help me fight anything like this again would be brilliant. Watch this space xx


I started taking curcumin at the end of August last year. After a few weeks I could feel a difference with my arthritic knees. However when I had my bloods done I was anaemic, then the following month, more anaemic, the third month I was VERY anaemic. I had further tests and my blood was very iron deficient, which it had never been before (platelets no different). So I am now on iron tablets, the doctor told me to stop taking the curcumin, my iron levels are now coming up again. So I don't know whether it was the curcumin that caused the anaemia or it would have happened anyway. I suppose the only way I'll find out is to start taking it again and see if the iron levels drop again - which I don't really want to do. I did read somewhere on this site that curcumin can cause iron levels to drop. But I suppose we all react differently to tablets/supplements. Others will probably really benefit from taking it.


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