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Anyone that attends a Haematology clinic with an mpn In the Glasgow or central belt or Fife I am trying to get more attending the Clinics I have one and she is brilliant it means the can attend clinics where it saves registrars coming down to do a clinic and helping deal with patients with an mpn that has turned to cancer as that is what government targets diagnosed quicker if you have not got a cns mpn attending clinic and you feel it would be good get in touch with your local msp with your points and see if they will help I have a great msp who is backing me all the way if you are lucky to get to see your msp go armed with as much information on CNSMPN and MPNs

best wishes


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Not sure I follow what you want.

I currently attend FVRH in Larbert haematology. Currently being assessed for idiopathic polycychemia. Haemoglobin count been up around 180/185 and PCV around 55 for over a year now. Awaiting RBC nuclear test before final diagnosis.


it is about getting more clinical nurse specialists that specialise in mpn's by helping out more in clinics than on the wards and it would free up registrars having to come down to help out at clinics and spending more off their time on the wards dealing with in patients that have mpns which have developed into cancers


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it is to get a MPN clinical nurse Specialist at every Haematology clinic in Scotland as it frees up Registrars coming down to clinics so they are on wards and if an MPN emergency comes in saves them leaving a clinic then creating appointments not running to time so you would still have two fully qualified staff a consultant and MPN CNS


Hi Steven, I attend Aberdeen a Royal Infirmary who as far as I’m aware, don’t have a specialist MPN nurse. The local hospital in Elgin where blood is taken off has a blood clinic nurse but she is not specific to MPNs alone.

Kind regards Aime x😺


just try and get as much info about MPN clinical nurse Specialists and your condition and take it to your local msp put the case that they are invaluable as they are at clinics with consultant instead of a registrar who are spending more time on the wards or if an mpn emergency comes in they are there right away to deal with and also if they had been at the clinic it would have meant a backlog off appointments they are highly qualified

best of luck aime

and thank you for your support



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