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which drug is best to treat ET, why cytoreduction treatment is put on hold for low risk patients?

I thought initially I am tolerating anagrelide really well.my platelets counts are also getting low.But all of sudden I am again feeling brain fog, light headedness, and kind of extreme fatigue..I dont know its bcz of ET or side effect of anargelide..Well I am on. rhis drug for almost a month, this is my.first cytoreduction drug so no.idea about how to feel.with HU and interferon..some research articles say with great surity tjat interferon is best and could even lead to complete remission of counts in sime patients.then why cytoreduction drugs are used?if there is available option of a drug that.is similar to something produced in.our own.body?....secondly can low carb diet helps to combat fatigue.and brain fog or.can.increase it?

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I took Pegasys for 2 years and have been in complete remission for last 7 years. I am an advocate for Pegasys. Interferon is produced in our bodies naturally. If you start on a low dose of 45 mcg a week....side effects are basically nothing. Anagralide is third line medication that frequently causes severe heart issues......why would you be started on that????

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thanks..I am also gona ask my haemotologist to put me on pegysy...today is my.appointment.lets see how it comes out.


Wow, that is super that you are in remission! I did not know that this was possible with Pegasys. I am taking Pegasys and I hope that my outcome will be similar to yours.


Today my haemotologist stoped me taking anargelide..he thinks my brain fog could be side effect of this drug.my platelets came down to 638, two weekes b4 they were on 946..so I am on no drug anymore, just aspirin..Can anybody guide how you feel wen you stop taking anagrelide?


I feel the same on Hydroxycarbamide, the brain fog comes and goes. Have been on the tabs for ten days. Am on reduced hours at work this week to see how it goes. Very disappointed because it sounds like most people tolerate Hydroxy. Plus point, I have noticed much less fatigue since being on it.

No idea whether any foods can help with brain fog. I am trying to drink lots of water.

Would welcome any tips.



so you are now on.interferon?


I'm the one that was on interferon. Your platelets will creep back up and you will need to be put on something just make sure in the meantime you take 81mg of aspirin daily.


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