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Newcastle Forum 2017

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This was my first MPN Forum. I went with my daughter and sis and we all thoroughly enjpyed it . Lucy and Sue partucularly enjoyed the family group session. All of the speakers were really great and very interesting and also so kind to give up their time to come to the forum and share their knowledge and experience.

We met some lovely inspiring people, not least Maz and Nona who do so much work on our behalf .

Of course I knew it already, but hearing her speak at conference, confirmed to me and my fam just how lucky I am to have the awesome, caring and lovely Dianne Plews looking after me so beautufully !

Like a graceful swan, the forum sailed along beautifully but having organised NHS conferences in my past working life, I know just how much leg paddling has and is, going on behind the scenes both in preparation and also on the day !

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Maz amd Noni - You are both you fantastic role models for us all !

Maz , thank you so much for organising our conference and also for all the help and advice you give us - the work you do is so appreciated by everyone !

Oh yes , very nearly forgot ........

The hair is rockin' !!!

Lots of love Dianne


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It was lovely to meet you and your family Dianne wish we had more time for a longer chat, keep well x

Ditto !

Hope you keep well too Ivy

Xxx x

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Hi Dianne, it was lovely to meet you and your lovely daughter and sister, you are great, myself and Nona really do enjoy the forums very much, we like being able to meet people and share our experiences etc and help where we can. Glad you like the hair. Best wishes, Maz x x

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