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Appointment with Claire Harrison

Well what can I say, this is the best clinic I have ever been to. Everybody was so nice making me feel welcome. There were a few teething problem as they have just moved department and using a new system but the service was excellent. I saw a doctor and a French doctor was with him both very nice they took detail and explained a few thing to me. Then one of them went to see Claire Harrison. She came in and explain how they are going to care for me. Firstly they are not sure if I have been diagnosed correctly as the blood results are a bit hit and miss, so a few more tests are needed. A nuclear blood test and stomach scan, Then they will decide on any treatment if needed other than aspirin. In this one visit I have got more info and advise than all my time at my other hospital. I highly recommend seeing a specialist in MPN. I go back in a month if I had the test by then.

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Hi sjdard

I am so pleased that the clinic went so well for you and that you seem more positive. I too thought Claire and her clinic were amazing. Good luck with your tests and keep in touch.

Mel x


Very interested to hear of your consultation with Claire Harrison. I was diagnosed with anaemia in May this year having been stable with PV for over 12 years. After several months and various tests the haematologist at my local hospital felt able to diagnose MF after seeing the results of a bone marrow biopsy. Previous to the BMB a diagnosis of MF was challenged by the absence of certain key blood cells (bone marrow cells?) These cells are still absent. I have been referred to a specialist in Birmingham (I live in the west midlands) which I'm pleased about as there remains this challenge to a diagnosis of MF. Also any treatment going forward appears to be somehwat uncertain.

Maybe I am post PV/transitioning to MF. The specialst I am due to see has expertise in myelodysplasia not specifically MPN and so I have just a slight doubt over the whether I'll be getting the very best out of the consultation. That is why I was interested to know that you have seen Dr Harrison. I hope you won't mind me asking a couple of questions. Are you resident in London and hence your referral to Dr Harrison was a logical step? Were your 'hit and miss' blood test results a challenge to a diagnosis of MF? Thanks and all the best.


I was referred to Proff Harrison for a second opinion (that I wanted) by my Haem in Watford after a diagnosis of MF and then went down the transplant route 6.5 years ago.

In your shoes, having a recognised MPN that was changing I would want to see an MPN specialist not a myelodisplaysia or generalist unless there was a specific reason to. The Prof is one of several in the UK so there could be one closer. Maybe you should try and contact the consultants secretary or clinic to seek advice and perhaps avoid wasting their and your time.


Thank you for getting in touch and your thoughts on my situation. Your point about 'wasting' time is a good one but I am now keen (desperate?) for a second opinion and having spoken with the clinic in B'ham I have been told the appointment should be confirmed any day now. Quite frankly I feel as if I've been waiting for months (since May really) for an answer and so I don't want to defer and have to wait yet again. I intend to go armed with a lot of detailed questions, including one about the consultant's area of expertise, and if I leave the consultation with any doubts I will push for a 3rd opinion with an MPN specialist. Thanks again.

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