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No venesection today

I have just returned from my 8 weekly hospital visit. My diagnosis of PV was in Dec 2015. On each visit except one other and today, I have had a venesection, weekly to start. Since my last hospital appointment, we have had a month in France and the previous time when no venesection was needed was after a long French holiday. Is this co incidence or are the benefits of red wine under estimated?

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I think we all underestimate the power of mind and body. Most diseases seem to flare under stress and I think ours is no exception. I have had similar experiences to you (PV and Jak+ since 2013) and I still drink red wine at the weekends!

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Clearly we don't need aspirin, venesections, hydroxy, interferon et al. We need long holidays in sunny climes! Possibly with alcohol! Prescription anyone? 😁

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