Started to bruise on fingers ?

Was simply just putting a new bin bag in bin after doing dishes (hands warm) and got big throbbing bruise (hematoma)on inside of my finger. Surely my platelets can't possibly be that low ? Only been on hydroxy 500mg once daily for about a month. Clopidogrel 75mg once daily. Got heam on Monday anyway, going to mention this to her.

Best wishes lainy 🤗

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  • I used to bruise my hands when simply using a crescent or screwdriver and that was when my platelets were highish. Perhaps there are other mechanisms at work rather than platelets, odd.

  • Hmmmm 🤔 last platelets count was 1450. Will be interesting to see what they are on Monday.

  • My platelets are only 135....I bruise all the time,new puppy at the moment ,I look like I've had major accident!!! Think Clopidogrel does not help ,but neither does H U...probably M P N itself is a cause ,we don't really know what blood is doing....arnica helps,and you can get arnica to take orally.Keep well.Sally

  • Aww new puppy will keep you busy. What do they do for your low platelets?

    Best wishes lainy 🤗

  • Hi fee, got heam today so will see what she says.

    Best wishes lainy xx

  • I was told though that when the platelets are on the higher end of the scale, 1000+ the blood becomes thinner again. Mine were only about 550.

  • Hi fee13, I see that we both are in NZ, and I must say it is nice not to feel quite so alone!! I was wondering if you know if slow release interferon was ever offered here instead of HU? I will be seeing my Haematologist at the end of the month and I suspect I might be close to needing something other than aspirin soon.

  • I think hydroxyurea is the first line of defence and if that cannot be tolerated then maybe interferon, not sure. I'd be interested to know how many of us there are in New Zealand.

  • Thanks fee13 for your response, it is good to hear from you. It certainly would be interesting to know how many MPN people there are in NZ. I read somewhere that 1-3 people per 100,000 are diagnosed with ET annually. Dunedin is my nearest city, and that has a population of about 100,000 and my mind boggles a bit when I think of 3 people per year in a city that size.

  • Hi Lainy,

    Hope you are able to get some help from the Haematologist on Monday, and that the bruising clears up soon. Not fun at all.

  • Thanks, got my questions and even photo of my bruises as they have faded now. Always on my hands tho. Strange

    Best wishes lainy🤗

  • Hi Lainy and all,My platelets are always low and H C T always on the high side,I occasionally drop to 45 ,but not often,neither my Dr or consultant seem to be very concerned.I have HU ,3 -2-3 and so on,Clopidogrel daily and Meds for stent......I thought high platelets were dangerous....I live and was diagnosed here S W France,checked ,tested every month,think treatment here varies from U K and same other countries.I have been taking pomegranate juice and papaya leaf tea which is meant to help raise platelets.This month they have gone up and H CT dropped to 50,first time for months.See Dr this week,but so hot here. Impossible to go out side at all. Puppy is great ,cheering us up with his antics,older G S D loves his new friend,only had him 5 days ,is already 'propre' we say here ,the G S D breed are so easy to train......nothing to do with platelets of course! But I feel better with the fun the dogs are at the moment and we laugh a lot....the best medicine......very best Lainy ,Kiwis and all,Sally

  • Have you tried eating lots of spinach/kale and high vitamin K foods?

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