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Does the brand of tablet affect the side-effects?

I had an operation for breast cancer in 2014. Since then I've been prescribed Anastrozole. On the Breast Cancer site some women have said that they find they experience more side-effects with certain brands of tablet even though the content is the same (the 'dodgy' brands vary from person to person).

I was just wondering whether this has been experienced by anyone taking Hydrox-Carbamide/Hydrea?

I started off being prescribed Medac brand for two months, but have now been on Squibb for two months. It is only recently that I've become unsteady on my feet so I was wondering whether the change of brand could have been the trigger.


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Sounds very unusual. (Speaking as a staff nurse) Ask your pharmacist before dispensing your prescription if the have the brand you are used to if not then can they get it in for you ?

Best wishes lainy xx


Thanks I will do. The prescription is for 100 at a time so there is a while to go before I run out.


I'm sure if you phone your Dr and explain the situation they won't mind giving you another prescription. It's your health and your in charge. If it's affecting you in a bad way they need to do something about it. Hope you feel better soon xx

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Hi, I don't know about Hydroxy but with some drugs there's a big difference. I just read about a drug (I think it was for epilepsy) where one of the generic versions was causing people to have seizures. And with one or two of my medications I have to take the name brand. All generics are classified into groups by a number which represents how close, or identical, they are to the name brand. Hope this helps. Good luck. Katie

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