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I am undiagnosed with a MPN at the moment (meet with Haem on Friday) but I am on Hydrea 500mg per day and low dose aspirin and have had a BMB so I suspect I am well on the way to being told that I have ET. My platelet count was found to be 1500+ after visiting the Dr because of repeated blood noses - currently the count is 1842. I have been reading the information on this site over the past few weeks and found it to be extremely beneficial and has given me plenty of questions to ask at my appointment in a few days.

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Welcome to the forum - hope all goes well at your appointment - let us know what the outcome is - as you say there is a lot of useful information and support on here, especially when you're first coming to terms with your diagnosis.

All the best


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keep us up to date!


Hi Chris, let us know how you get on and what your diagnosis is. Remember to write down your questions before you go to your appointment, that way you won't forget to ask something. Best wishes, Maz


Hope it all goes well! X


Hope it all goes well for you.


Welcome to the group. Let us know how you get on.


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