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Polycythemia vera

I have dignosed 3 monthe back , Polycethemia vera. My RBC were high to 8.0. I used only hydroxyurea 3, 2 and last 1 daily. My CBC showing now RBC as on lowest range and HCT as 41%. Doctor stopped HU med. for 15 . I m of 57 age male with no other disease except some IBS n GERD, digestive track related. Currently I m feeling in my leg long bones. Too much. Also if somebody tells, if there PV is related to sexual activities. Thanks in nadvance

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Hello and welcome to our forum, I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain in your leg bones, this is something that a lot of people with MPNs do suffer from, you should speak to your GP about some pain relief. I am sorry but I don't understand your statement about PV being related to sexual activities, please can you explain what you are asking. Maz


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