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Flight socks!

I am doing a couple of very short flights this week only an hour or so each - but think I should probably wear flight socks (I have ET on HU platelets are in 400s and never had any clots) would you all agree? And anyone recommend good ones ones they have bought (in UK) as there are so many on the market. I know I need to measure etc which I have done but just wondering which product many be good. Thanks

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I have ET and have only ever worn flight socks on flights over about 4 hours, even when my platelets were 900+. Not sure you need them on a 1 hour flight. Bought mine from Boots.


I had Et for 10 years but it's now MF has been for the last 3 years.

Advice from Heam was I must walk about and move legs during the flight. Only do short flights too not allowed to do long flight at the moment 4 hours has been the longest was last week.

Socks from boots about £ 14.

Just keep legs moving.


Hi, you should ask your haematologist or nurse at your hospital if they think you need to wear flight socks for short flights, and also advise about your aspirin. I myself don't wear flight socks on short flights of 1 - 2 hrs but do make sure I drink plenty of water, and move my feet and legs around, even sitting down you can wiggle your feet and lift your legs up and down as if you were marching on the spot, it might look weird but who cares, if it keeps my blood moving then looking weird doesn't bother me, especially as I look weird most of the time! Best wishes, Maz x


Thanks for the reply Maz it's not always easy to get hold of my consultant by phone altho I will try when the clinic is on tomorrow - she has always said no worries under four hours (and I am already on aspirin) I just wondered what others do for short flights as my inclination would be don't bother but sometimes I do have to remind myself I am not A1 so interesting to know what others do. And good advice re moving the old feet and legs and like you I don't care at all if it looks odd 😀😀


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