So I spoke to one of my Heam's yesterday and they have said that they would like another BmB to check how far along my scarring is, my bloods are looking stable after a bout of iron so think that it would be a good time to get a biopsy done....

I told him he had swiftly become my least favourite person and that I am really happy to not have it done!!

Anyway, hope your all good and keeping out of trouble!

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  • Oh Chelle, I do feel for you. You have so much to contend with yet you always manage to sound cheerful. It gives me a kick up the bum for moaning about nothing.

    Good luck with the next BMB.

    Judy xx

  • Judy, Thank you, I think everything is relevant if it hurts, it hurts!! Believe me when I say I have my moments of hating what's going on, my poor suffering other half is the one who bares the strains of my bad days!

    I shall let you know how I get on!! x

  • Hi Chelle, Just caught up with your post re; BmB, my doc has just told me I have to have one done next month and by the way he spoke it's just a quick in and out job, but as you said ' it hurts' Please tell me honestly what it is like, does it really hurt that much, after all we go through I am getting a bit over-whelmed by all these tests, if I know what to expect I can cope but if I go in blasé and it is difficult I might just loose it completely. June.

  • Hi

    I had mine 4 years ago.

    I personally didnt find it too bad, more uncomfortable than anything else.

    Its easy to say dont worry, we all do, the build up and worry is much worse than the actual event.

    I can honestly say it didnt 'really hurt'. Its the thought more than anything, or at least was with me.


  • Luckily I was sedated and felt nothing -went out of consciousness.

  • Some people find it no problem; me not so much, I really don't like them. I do struggle with them, but it's all part and parcel....don't stress about it or think about it; either way they are doing it, takes about 20 mins but actual biopsy for me too about 7-8'll be fine. Message me if you want to know more x

  • Thanks for you reply, will try and calm down. June x

  • Hi

    Someone may well correct me, but I was told that Anaemia as a result of iron deficency is not likely with Myleofibrosis, i.e with MF its the scarring in the bone marrow that restricts the production of red blood cells causing Anaemia.

    I was told because iron supplements boosted my red blood count / hgb this pretty much ruled out MF.

    My low iron was due to bleeding from my varices, and this caused my anaemia.

    Hopefully you get some positive news.

    All the best


  • I have liver Cirrhosis and have banding for varicies every 4 weeks I also have Portal vein thrombosis so have a big ole blood clot stuck in there....thanks for the input Paul I'll keep you informed!

  • That sounds like a big challenge.

  • Every 4 weeks? Is that via an endoscopy?

    I have had to have them a couple of times a year and hate them even at those intervals.

    I reckon your low iron will be due to that.

  • I've had low iron for many years, they have given me a dose of iron these past 14 days and my levels have crept back up, I have been reduced to one tablet every other day now and my levels have dropped again within 3 days of the adjustment.

    Yep endoscopy every 4 weeks - the other thing I like least!

  • I actually fear an endoscopy more than a BMB.

    I feel for you having one that often. I hate them, I dont know how long yours last, I had one that lasted over half an hour, I was in so much pain because they pump air into you as they do it.

  • Thanks Paul, I have gained a little confidence in your reply thanks for that, but are you just being manly? lol. I don't usually freak out at any procedures until now, I shall keep your words in mind and man up myself. June.

  • Hi June - I had a BMB approx 4 years ago. The haem who did it didn't believe in skimping on pain relief and I didn't feel a thing!!!! If I had to have another one based on my last experience it wouldn't bother me at all. I drove myself home afterwards. Hope this helps and yours goes as smoothly!! Good luck. Pat

  • Thanks for your reply , lets hope I get a caring guy to do the same for me.x

  • Hi,

    If you had seen how mardy I was when I had to have my transjular liver biopsy you wouldnt say manly :)

    I do honestly think with most of these things the thought and wait is the worst part. When I had mine I was hospitilised anyway when i first got ill, they told me i was having one and a few hours later I had it. I was in hospital so didnt really have time to read online about it etc.

    I am not saying dont feel like you are, its natural, we all do. All we can do is give reassurance.

    Hope it goes ok.


  • I personally found the transjugular liver biopsy a lot more painful than the BMB - the intern messed up and the senior doctor had to take over, when he said 'try and hold on another 5 minutes' I had to summon all my internal strength. I tried 'self-hypnosis' (ie think strongly of something else and try and imagine you're elsewhere), belive me it can help.


  • I would suggest sedation not just gas & air. It's a great help

    I had 5 over the the last 4 years one 14 years ago. I changed from ET to MF.

  • Thank you. I will certainly suggest it.

  • Hey Chelle... & everyone... :)

    When I had mine back in May 2016. I had the gas, and I really didn't feel much of anything, just a slight inconvenience over the next day or two was all... But it really was not painful.

    In any event, I hope all goes well for you and for June.

    Best wishes

    Steve xo


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