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Pressure and pain on left side

For fifteen years I have had pain around left shoulder blade. It now has spread out and my whole left side hurts. I have been on opiates for pain. Now my insurance doesn't want to pay for it. I am afraid of not being able to stand pain or function. If I could get diagnosed and it was fixed that would be the best scenario. I wish doctors cared more for their patients suffering. What to do??

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I can't help, sorry, but just so that other people can help you....

Is your pain related to spleen?

Is the insurance company denying that the pain is related to your MPN, or are they saying that opiates are not a standard treatment?

Do you have a pain clinic or other pain specialist in your area? They might be able to help you, especially until the insurance problem is resolved.



Shoulder pain is certainly common in cases where the spleen is enlarged.




I also suffer terribly with left hand sided pain radiating into my shoulder. My consultant has said this is due to splenic infarcts that I suffered leading to my ET Diagnosis. These were only picked up during CT scans as I was admitted to hospital via A & E as the initial pain was so severe. 4 months later I am still in pain, have been booked in for another CT scan in March. Definitely worth speaking to your consultant and getting your spleen checked?


Please look on eBay for a product called Biofreeze. I am on morphine, pregablin and Nortriptiline for the pain in my joints but most days even all this pain relief doesn't help. My sister is a carer by profession and she put me on to it. It's not cheap but by God it works. Just apply it to your shoulder and within minutes you will get relief. I live in sheltered accommodation and I am constantly asked if I could order the residents more Biofreeze on line as it's the only thing that helps. Give it a trip, you can't lose anything for giving it a go.


Hi Peg1949,

Which mpn do you have? ET, PV orMF? I would have thought that if you have had the pain for 15 years your haematologist would have looked at the relationship to your spleen.

Kind regards



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