Pain under ribs

I posted a while ago about pain under my left ribs. I've since had a scan that says everything is normal, liver, kidneys etc, also that my my spleen IS NOT enlarged. However the pain (more of an ache really) carries on. It is now almost constant, although it does disappear sometimes.

I know others have said they also have pain in this area. My GP isn't interested as he says nothing shows on the scan, he more or less said it was in my mind. I've mentioned it to the haem and they're not interested as the spleen isn't enlarged, but it is a worry! I have pain sometimes on my right side that I know is gall stones, the pain on my left is different though. On a scale of one to ten it is only about a 3.

Should I be insisting on further investigation, or just live with it?

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  • I've got the same thing and have had it for a few years now. Same as you my Spleen is not that enlarged and seems to have stumped heams - one actually passed it off as constipation (pardon the pun). I think that maybe our spleens have expanded in a different way to what they usually look for - i.e. not into the stomach area but maybe just getting 'fatter' so that it is pushing against the ribs?

    However the constant ache really is annoying and it does flare up into quite a bad pain sometimes, I also can't lay on my left hand side any more. I really think that it should be taken more seriously as it is obvious that quite a few of us suffer with this problem.

  • Thanks for the reply, I wondered about it pushing against the ribs, as that is what it feels like. I've only had this since around August/September and it's gradually got worse. I've been on HU for ET for about 2 and a half years, diagnosed nearly 5 years ago. It's reassuring in some ways that there's a few of us with this, but annoying that no-one in the health system seems interested!

  • Hi guys, I have had the same issue but told by medics my spleen is fine. I agree it is more of an ache and I find there is a lot of pressure against and under the ribs. I haven't pushed any further but it is annoying and does concern me when it is there most of the time. Kind regards Aime xx😺

  • Thank goodness for this site, at least we know we're not alone with this problem ! 😄

    Best wishes


  • Hi

    Just read your post - I have ET and used to get this pain on left side - was when I was on HU and completely sympathise - I had all sorts of test including an internal procedure looking in my left kidney and turned out that HU did cause it and was linked to indegestion from using the HU - I went on a medication for indegestion prescribed by doc which helped aloe but wasn't until I came off HU I felt a lot better - I came off as was trying for a baby and on pegulated inteferon

    Not sure whether you want to mention. To your doctor - I know I really struggled with it at times so hope I can help

    Any questions please let me know



  • Thank you! X

  • Bone photo ain is common. A 3 isn't enough to worry about. It doesn't wake you, prevent you from functioning, just annoys. I wouldn't borrow trouble. Good luck.

  • Sorry. Bone PAIN is common. I have this too but so many of my other aches far outweigh this one. :) Also consider joining Essential Thrombocythemia closed group on Facebook. I love it.

  • I have an enlarged spleen, so I'm aware of the pain from it. Also I noted that you mentioned gallstones. Prior to gallbladder removal I had pain in the left side of the back. Pain can radiate to different parts of the body from it source. Most MPN Doctors will ask if you have pain in left shoulder as a result of the enlarged spleen. That again is the pain showing up elsewhere. Just a thought! As of us with MF usually have both spleen pain (if enlarged) and ongoing bone pain. Watch your diet and take an anti acid & see if that helps at all.

  • Thank you.


  • Wow Lizzie... :)

    Just found this question you posed sometime ago... And as a result will be pushing my Haematologist and GP when next we meet. Thank you guys... :)

    Steve (Sydney)


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