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Hospital visit

Well as my 3 months appt rolls round I'm hoping my platelets have gone down. They have steadily risen to 961 and then slightly down to 930. I've exercised. I'm 53 still on asprin and have ET. Jak 2 negative CALR positive. I always get more anxious about appts. Now in my 3td year of being diagnosed. Stress in the thing heat affects me the most.

So off to pilates and yoga to stay calm . Roll on hospital appt. I'm lucky as feel ok at present. Occasional migraines . I've more pain from my sciatica than anything else. The joys of getting older.:-)

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Hello Heathermc, , the good thing I pick up from your post is that you seem to be controlling your ET rather than letting it control you. I know how easy it is to get worked up about upcoming clinics as I used to in the first few years because you're kind of waiting for and expecting 'bad' news by way of a change in your condition and therefore treatment. But i found it does get easier to face in time. I guess you gradually become more accepting , kind of que sera sera.

I do know as do you that stressing doesn't help in the slightest so to take action to relax yourself and chill your beans is exactly the right thing to do. I took full advantage of my clinic reflexology service which was wonderful. My wife is currently taking a course of same and reiki which she loves.

Good luck . . Chris

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Thanks for that . I've got a pilates class the night before so I'm lucky.


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