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Change of hospital

Hello all,

I have ET and have been under my current Drs/consultants at Queen Marys Sidcup for the last 3 years since diagnosis, I have recently been moved to another hospital due to mine closing, I had my 1st appt 3months ago and was in the consulting room for less than 10 mins, given my drugs and sent away, also got given the wrong dosage. I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and try one more appt which was today. Again although different Dr I was again in the room less than 10 mins and again given the wrong dosage.

Has anybody else had this and is 10 mins with the Dr normal as before I was always in a minimum of 15 mins, examined, asked how I am etc. Can I ask to be moved hospitals, I live in Bexleyheath but would like to go to ST Thomas's as I believe that's where the experts are. Would this be allowed?

Thanks in advanced.



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What hospital to do go to now. I currently under Chelsea and Westminster, but looking to hospital closer to Dartford. I experience very short appointment, would love to have a 10 mins appointment. The only time this happened was my first appointment. Now I in told my counts and carry on with what you are doing. (Less that 5 mins the last app). I no everything is ok at the moment and my counts are ok, but I think less than 5 mins is not acceptable. I have never been examined just blood test and would like the Dr to ask how you are doing. When I do ask a question I seemed to be fobbed of and told to see GP as it nothing to do with the condition.


You can ask for a referal to any one you like. We have just done this on Proff Claires advice. Now under a consultant who really knows MPDS and has made a huge difference. Preivious haemo was ok but didnt listen to symptom problems, just kept things at text book blood levels. My advice is look up haemo n oncology consultants at hospitals in your area and ask to be refered to specialist. Good luck. And remember...NHS is a "patient lead" service so thry have to follow your request.


I have changed my consultant and now travel for over an hour to get into London so I can be looked after someone who knows specifically about MPDs and treats her patients as individuals!


I consider myself very lucky. Was diagnosed just over a year ago (but realise had MPD/ET for several years before). Had Pneumonia in Feb 2012 which I presume triggered reading of over 1,000!! Also mild heart failure but felt lucky to have got to the age of 74 without any problems, they all came last year! Went to North Middlesex Haemo Clinic yesterday and registrar was so pleased with me that she said come back in Three months, last two visits were two months I cannot fault my treatment either in Haemotology or Cardiology (and I have a very good GP! ) p.s. Have also joined a Heart group and will go to my exercise session this p.m. Best wishes E xx


I also live in Bexleyheath. The Guy's/ St Thomas Haematology department is second to none. It is based in Guy's which is very easy to get to from B'heath. Appointment lengths vary according to need. I have never felt rushed and have every confidence in all the staff without exception. I have been going there for 12 years. Good luck!


Hi there, ive got ET just diagnosed via Princess Royal Farnborough/Orpington, saw a locum and no idea what a good specialist is, is St Thomas/Guys the best option for London?


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