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Good news and possible bad news


Today was the monthly check up for bloods for my results for 6 months..but I've developed some other symptoms which my consultant wanted to investigate being tested for Lupus....

I'm interested to hear from anyone who has been diagnosed with this disease....hopefully the tests will prove a jittery 10 day wait.

Best wishes to all


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Can't give you any information, just sending best wishes for a negative result for you 🍀🍀


rjw1 in reply to lizzziep

thanks lizzie....will let you know

Richard x

Oooh, it is hard waiting and worrying and so hope results are keep us posted how you are and will be thinking of you. Best wishes, Tinkerbell13

thanks tinkerbell13....will be I touch

Richard x

Sorry Richard no experience of lupus and don't know if your PV symptoms can be mistaken for it. But wish you all best for negative test result. .No doubt It's going to be hard waiting to find out, , stay positive. . . On the plus side it's good news on your PV result. ,

Cheers Chris

thanks Chris..will let you know the outcome



Hi Richard , hope tests come back negative for you , i know waiting is the worse ,i wish you well regards Holly

thanks holly

Counting the days with you Hun, think positive though I know it's sometimes impossible to do xx

thanks jillyx

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