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Hi all,

A silly question really but, I'm finding it very difficult to drink the required quantity of water and wondered how everyone else copes with this? When I was working I always had a glass of water on my desk. - no problem. When I stopped work in June it was summer, really warm and I still continued with the water, but since the weather has got colder I'd much rather have a hot cup of tea. I sometimes get to 4 or 5 pm and realise I've drunk no pure water. I must say I don't feel any the worse for it but know I should be drinking more.

Any suggestions?



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  • I would have thought that your cups of tea also contribute to your liquid intake.

    I personally place a bottle of water and glass on the table in my living/dining room - this room is the "crossroads" of the house in the daytime, that way I regularly drink a small glass of water when I pass through the crossroads.

    Have a nice WE.


  • Thanks crapaud, I think this is what I need to do. All through the summer I kept the water in the fridge but it's too cold now so maybe if I put it on the side near the kettle I would remember to drink it.


  • I try and drink about 3 litres of water per day but with an enlarged prostate I seem to visit the loo a lot!!

  • Hi Judy

    . Like you I drink lots of tea...not a problem for me !!! This is a fluid so I do count these cuppas as part of of my intake.

    Also I have a litre jug which I fill each day and add slices of lemon , this sits on the kitchen worktop reminding me to drink , so I can see how much I have or have not drunk. If I am out for most of the day then I'm afraid the intake is really low ( I always know when I am dehydrated cos I get 'the headaches ' ) . I take my Hydroxy in the evening, so my jug sits beside me and I drink lots then,

    Hope all is well with you . We will get that cuppa one day after Christmas.

    Best wishes Sandy. X

  • Thanks Sandy,

    Good idea, I must take myself in hand! Hope your appointment went well last week. Yes, we must make a date in the new year.

    Judy x

  • Hi Judy

    I know the feeling. I still have a cuppa tea and coffee in the morning but try and drink 2 big glasses water in between and another with juice at lunchtime. In the afternoon I try and drink at least one glass water plus a cup of tea plus water at teatime. Then post meal a glass of milk and tea or water. It all works good just now when I'm not at work but hard to keep to depending what's happening.

    Like the others have said all drinks must surely add up to the total fluid intake - otherwise I'll have to stay beside a loo (not fast just now on the walking sticks)!

    Kindest regards

    Aime xx😺😺😺

  • Thanks Aime,

    I don't drink coffee but love my tea! I hope you are recuperating well and will soon be running around again. My daughter who was pregnant when we met you in London is expecting again. This one is due the end of April just a month before Joseph's third birthday. Grandchild number 7 for me so I need to be as fit as I can be.

    Love Judy x

  • Hi Judy,

    Getting on not too bad, day is filled with physio exercises, going out for my walk and the normal everyday things you have to do. I have got 2 grandchildren now so busy like you with them, although my speed and ability to play games on the floor are a bit limited just now!

    I just have to learn to be patient with myself, which I'm not very good at doing! Hope you keep as well as you can be and keep drinking! Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺. PS hope everything goes well with the next grandchild and the birth.xxxx

  • Ha ha, I have Joseph every Friday and spend the majority of my time on the floor playing cars! Getting down is easy, getting up not so good.!


  • I know the feeling! I'm not allowed to kneel for the foreseeable future but the 3 year old grandson is so good, if I'm only using one stick he goes and gets the other one and takes my hand to help me - it's so sweet but a reminder of my age!!xx. Kindest regards Aime xx😺😺😺

  • I drink one full large glass always when taking the HU, and I have glasses of water in each room so that when I pass one I take a few sips. In the evening and at night I always have a glass of water by me from which I take a mouthful whenever my eye alights on it! I don't measure what I drink but try to gauge if had had enough from the colour of my urine.

  • Thank you Mwalimu,

    Any tips are very helpful. Out of sight out of mind, so I think that's the answer, leave the water in full view!


  • Hi Judy, I bought a ltr bottle of water from Marks and Sparks, and manage to drink through the day, usually filling up in the afternoon so that I drink the required amount, plus I take into count that I drink mint tea first thing in the morning, cherry juice with breakfast, de-caf coffee mid morning and de-caf tea in the afternoon, this all usually works for me, I know what you mean about winter making it harder, do not feel much like drinking in winter do we !! But you have to make the effort keeps everything flushed through.

    Anyway that's my effort seems to work for me.


  • Thanks Jean,

    I just need to get into a new routine. I really think it may help having it at room temperature rather than cold from the fridge.


  • I always have 2 large glasses of hot lemon water in a morning, maybe warm/hot water is the way to go.

    Its very cleansing to the system (if you get my drift)

  • Thanks Paul, that's worth a go.

  • I have 'Hydro' on my mobile, it's an app that reminds me to drink, I've set it to remind me hourly. When I have a drink I input the volume and then it tells me when I've reached my goal. It's very helpful!


  • I have a fruit infusion bottle that flavours the water with fresh or frozen fruit. I find I drink more because I enjoy the taste!

  • Hiya,

    I have one of those containers with a tap on it.

    My husband marked it at 3 litres and he fills it every morning for me. I too drink a lot of tea but having that water sitting there is a constant reminder and every time I make a cuppa I have water first. It's better for you to drink water at room temperature anyway and much easier to drink down if it's not icey cold.

    I have a refillable water bottle and just fill that from the jug when I go out.

    We all have our little ways of managing our water intake I guess. X

  • Thank you everyone, all good ideas and I have made a start today. I've taken the water jug out of the fridge and I'm on my third glass at the moment!

    Thank you all x

  • Remember that caffeine in tea is a diuretic, so you actually need more water for every cup of tea you drink

  • Hi, I don't just drink pure water all the time as it can flush out a lot of minerals from your system. You should try to mix it up a bit with juices if you can.

    I drink smoothies these are a great way to hydrate and I also drink herbal teas, especially in the colder weather.

    I have an App on my phone called "Water My Body" where you mark off everything you drink through the day so you can see if you are on target.

    Hope this helps

    Karen x

  • Thanks Karen, I've done a bit better this week. Taken the water jug out of the fridge so when I see it on the side it reminds me. Interesting about the minerals, I must admit I hadn't really thought about that.



  • If you get really worried about the minerals you may be losing you can either buy "Smart Water" in bottles or you can make your own by filling a tall glass with water and putting a very tiny pinch of salt in it, letting it dissolve then drinking it.

    Karen x

  • Hi - I find drinking anything cold is a nightmare. I now have boiled water, a little lemon and drink it when it's gone slightly cooler. Works for me - best wishes June Knox

  • I only have weak tea -water bloats me -even a few sips.

  • Thanks mardi,

    I drink lots of tea, although not weak, and I gave got better with my water.

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