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Drinking water

I know a lot of posts recommend drinking plenty of fluid when on medication but how much is enough? I don't get thirsty and I find it very difficult to drink extra water. Left to myself I probably wouldn't drink much at all but I make a point of having tea with breakfast and lunch, a cup of tea in the afternoon and coffee with supper. Is this enough or should I be drinking more? I do take a water pill for blood pressure but this doesn't seem to make me thirsty. I do not drink fizzy drinks as they don't appeal and I have an intolerance of cow's milk so all my tea and coffee is black. I am really interest in how everyone measures their fluid intake as it seems very subjective to me.


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Hi Sally.

I drink 3 litres a day as that is what my GP recommended. I buy 1 litre bottles of water, add vimto and it's now a way of life for me.

Take care



Do you drink this as well as tea and coffee or is that all you drink?



I have one cup of tea in the morning the rest is water and squash


My haematologist at my first appointment told to drink 2 to 3 litres of water everyday and do know if I haven't. So fatigued!!!.

I have a cup of tea in the morning with breakfast and another mid morning. Big glass of squash with lunch and dinner and horlicks to go to bed.



Hi I was also told to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, I'm not a great water drinker so, newly diagnosed, I am finding it hard. I just about manage it with a few cups of tea a day as well. Like Mark I do notice it if I don't, the headaches creap back and fatigue.


Snap! I don't drink much either, I take my tea black, I don't like coffee. I also have an overactive bladder so try not to drink much if I'm going out (I do take medication for this) I drink water with my medication.

I've never had the urge to drink much, even when younger, I do have diet lemonade if the weather is hot - so not very often!

I try occasionally to drink more water, but never feel thirsty.

I have a drink with each meal, green or black tea, occasionally another in the evening

I don't go out in the evening very often, when I do I drink diet lemonade or juice.

I do eat a lot of fruit and veg which contain water.


Hi Sally,

I drink 3 litres of water a day in addition to 2/3 cups of tea [green/ herbal and black]. I tend to dehydration so that seems to be my required amount but if my fatigue is bad I sometimes drink a bit more than that. I keep 3 litre bottles in the fridge and refill them each day so I can monitor how much I've had.

It's a bit personal, I'm sorry - but take note of the colour of your urine. I base a lot on the colour of mine - if it's dark, I know I need to drink a bit more - if it's a light straw colour I know I'm doing okay!


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Thank you all for your replies. It seems that I am doing OK if I just up the water a bit, perhaps mid-morning and late evening. I did wonder whether I was supposed to drink the 3 litres of water as well as the tea and coffee which would have been impossible for me.


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