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Well it has been one tough month I can tell you. I finally saw a Consultant who took me off Hydroxia. Said my counts were not bad and didn't know why I was put on in the first place. I did say that 2 off her colleagues were keen for me to go on it and it had taken me 2 month of deep thinking to make this decision. Happy to be off it but not happy about being misadvised.

I then went on to have a heart attack 4 weeks today and this week I was told I am now Diabetic type 2.

I feel as if my world has caved in even more than it was.

Maybe I am mistakenly blaming the Hydoxia, but this has only happened since I was put on it. .

Another long fight.

I am not really religious but today this sprang to mind.

Fight the good fight with all thy might;

Christ is thy Strength, and Christ thy Right;

Lay hold on life, and it shall be

Thy joy and crown eternally.

keep well my blood brothers and sisters


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Oh ,such a good piece,even if not at all religious,Hope all goes well for you,You will be Ok from heart attack,I had one after P V diagnosis 7yrs ago,the diabetes will be more difficult,but have friends who seem to cope,not that saying these things will be much comfort,try to keep positive ,Very best wishes .


Oh Anne I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. . . I doubt whether the Hydrox is the culprit but putting that aside I can understand all your concerns and having to cope with the aftermath of a heart attack can't be easy for you. Please stay strong and you will get back to fitness.

Regards the diabetes my steroid treatment has caused mine and I need 60 units insulin daily. I measure my sugars with a small device about 3 times a day. I just need be careful with my diet. Not so much meals but snacks and puds. I have found sugar free polo mints and wethers sweets in local shops. I have occasional light digestive Bic with cup tea. I have light rice pud, reduced sugar jam thinly spread. And if sugars behaving a wee treat or 2. So it is manageable. My Bro in law manages his without insulin but is veggie and steers clear of temptation.

My very best wishes to you Anne. Chris


Thanks Chris. I wouldn't say I was a veggie, but eat mostly fish. I don't eat potato's, have Brown bread with nuts and seeds in. Don't eat puddings. Thought I had quite a healthy diet till this hit. Seems my downfall is fruit. I eat tons of it every day. Hmmmm, seems its all natural sugar, BUT on the diabetic site it say that the sugar from fruit is fine. Arrrrrggggg. Will have another blood test Thursday then will see the Diabetic doctor next week. Hey Ho. Onward and upwards. You must get yourself well, you don't half cheer people up on here and we need JediReject. lol.

Stay safe, muchos love


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Thank You Anne , , hope your next test shows improvement. . . . Cheers Chris


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