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Sticky blood with Giant platelets

HU and aspirin have lowered my platelet count to under 400. Upon diagnosis I was told my blood was "sticky" and contained "giant" platelets. My question is, with MPN/ET/jak2+, could all the symptoms of ET, including stickiness and giant platelets, remain even after platelets have come down and I remain on the drugs? (Burning toes, numb hands, bone pain, fatigue, etc.)

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Oh yes... all the symptoms remain. I have had ET for the last 2 years and I still get all the symptoms. My platelets seem to have settled at around 480 to 600. Take care. Marigold


Yes. Im MPN/Undefined (per the experts)/JAK2+ and Ive been on interferon for about 18 mths. My platelets were 195 at my last visit with giant platelets and clumping (i.e.., sticky). The doc who is an expert was not concerned. i was and still am . but, what do I know...


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