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mesenteric clots?

Has anyone on here had problems with mesenteric clots and can advise about symptoms please? I know self diagnosis is daangerous but I have just had an episode of ?kidnery stones which has left my belly feeling like I've been kicked by a horse!

For various reasons my GP is unconvinced by kidney stones but when I tentatively mentioned mesenteric problems he was dismissive - very rare... my speciality!

I am improving now but still have such a sore belly... and I'm not really sure how clots in these vessels actually do present. Be pleased to hear from anyone who can tell me more.

Thanks, Fee

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OMG. I lit up when I saw "mesenteric clot". Everyone of us is different. I had suffered for more than five years with attacks of ischemic colitis two or three times a year. Usually a 911 call, an ambulance ride, and from 1-7 days in the hospital. IV fluids, antibiotics and strong pain killers (morphine and/or dilautid) CT and/or CTA scans and then a ride home. The pain came on fast and would put me on the floor in the fetal position. Full body heavy sweats, explosive vomitting and diarrhea. Horrible pain. Colonoscopy confirmed tissue death, but no residual sign of a clot was ever found. Attacks continued in spite of being on warfarin, plavix, and aspirin all at the same time. Since the ET diagnosis and HU its been over a year with no attack. Still also on warfarin and aspirin, off the plavix. I'm thinking the sticky and giant platelets they found in my blood with the ET diadnosis were causing a stoppage of blood flow to the colon by clogging the lower mesenteric artery. They ran a scope up thru femoral artery into this area and found vessels to be healthy. Hoping an expert on this can comment.


Hi Jerry, that does sound exactly like what I've experienced - minus the diagnosis and hospital treatment... even a week on I can still feel pain, though hugely less now. I'm on HU and my counts are upper end of normal (I have PV). I may be a bit more armed with info if it happens again.... thanks Fee

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Holly, where did you get the idea of mesenteric clots?


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