went to local hospital this morning with my blood form heamatolgist consultant gave me 2 month ago ! ready for me to have bloods taken today ,Before my appoilment with him at the larger main hospital next week ,well i only just noticed Name address DOB etc was not me !! so I'm wondering ,, Maybe the consultant was not even reading my NOTES ! so im now waiting to hear the outcome

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  • I was seen a few months ago in Bournemouth and the Dr gave me a blood form and I only noticed as I was leaving that it was for someone else - luckily enough I noticed and he gave me mine. He is such a busy guy; but we did have a little laugh about it. I hope you get things sorted soon!

  • Hi Chelle, when consultants secretary rang me back , she said the clinical nurses put name and adress labels on blood forms! well i just think he was passing the butt! because it was first time i had actually seen this man, previously id seen female registrar . she used to fill blood form out herself and put label on with my info .Anyway no real harm done i know ,but its data protection also .

    I should be getting another blood form in post today (wont hold my breath ) then i can get it done here in my local hospital before i see him next wed re starting HU .. best wishes Holly

  • Oh dear its doesn't give you much confidence does it. I would ring the Consultant's PA, explain the confusion and ask for a phone call from the Consultant or your named nurse to alleviate any concerns you might have regarding your previous visit. They will be able to bring your records up on the screen and discuss them over the phone with you. Best Wishes Indy

  • What a shame especially when I know you're anxious about your appointment .

    Did they do the blood test ?

    Hopefully with your right details

    Big hugs Holly xx

  • The heam dept sending out another blood test form , should get it tomorrow if not Friday ,Then see consultant on 28th to start the HU at last , so then all systems go eh . regards Holly x

  • Good luck on the outcome x hope all goes well xx

  • Thanks Chrissie , see him on wed 28th will be starting HU at long last , just hope it suits me 😁

  • Fingers crossed x I been on hydra for 7 years and been ok apart from tiredness x hopefully you will be ok xx

  • Anyone on here been told they have osteoporosis? i had bone density can 5 weeks ago , and i have thinning bones ,at risk of fractures now , i know this is entirely separate from mpns. I have a telephone consultant about it in Weeks time ! just wondering if taking HU will accelerate the condition even more. been one thing and another past 4 years .😞

  • I have PV and was diagnosed osteoporosis about two months ago. I turn 70 in December and will start the treatment for it in January. After 70 the needles are free. The doctor asked if I had any bone pain which I do, but that could also be due to the PV. I am also on Hyrea.

  • Hi Sherin, oh needles , thought it would be someting like calcium tablets ? Im just turned 64 ,my Dad had osteo and his sister ,which does explain my diagnosis . My Dad also suffererd with low platelet count and had rheumatoid osteo he was on a chemo pill for the RA

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