Don't ever consider ,giving up the day job !

Don't ever consider ,giving up the day job !

One of the most important ways to combat this awful blood disorder ,is to keep a very positive state of mind ,Just always remember ,you don't die with MPN. You learn to live with it ! o.K. You may need to rest more ,,eat sensibly , give up the occasional treat ,( champagne / caviar ) but it's worth those con sessions to be well and feel good !! Stay focused my buddies ,,live in the moment ,stay strong ,,love lots .....twinkly💜

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  • Thanks for that Twinkly,I am laid out here ,absolutely exhausted !I have to finish sculptures of three roe deer for 10-30 on Thursday,so the foundry can get them transformed to bronze....!I see your lovely pic ,you full of vitality and that beautiful dog, concentrated work this last 4days is taking its toll,would not dare post a pic of what I look like!...Keep well as you always look.Doggy talk,in the constant awful heat we have had and still have ,my dogs have shed their coats constantly,usually brushed every day,still are,they look like clippy mats !!!Best to you ,Sally

  • Here, here Twinkly, but not sure about giving up the champagne and caviar 😉 Keep smiling.

    Lovely picture of you and your pooch, you look so well.

  • I love your dog! Is that a Portuguese water dog?

  • You're such an inspiration Twinkly, thanks. Gorgeous pic of you and your dog. Is it recent? Katie

  • The dog is my imported Russian black terrier .named Luka ,,I show him at championship shows most weekends ,traveling with a buddy all over the u,k, it's a great lifestyle .keeps me fit and busy .i write a column every week in Our Dogs ,newspaper .i like to judge often away from home ,I stay in a hotel ! I breed little poodles as well.Dont show them ..just love that breed for intelligence ,make great pets ,don't moult .they come in all colours and sizes ..I Teach nutrician and training ..keeps me Active pat dog Sasha is a visitor for elderly and hospital in mates ..he's a Russian like Luka .... Twinkly ..xx💜

  • Hi Twinkly, you look fabulous must

    The proof is in the pudding look at You

    I totally agree with you ,

    Big hugs from very fragile lady today ❤️

    Love Pam x

  • Totally agree. Woke up feeling tired. Thoughtful and negative. Told myself off and then reason this. So right. Appt at hospital this week routine blood test. Still on asprin but I know my days of only taking this are few. But sun is shinning and off to trim the front garden. Sciatica permitting. Luckily it's all high bushes so no bending. If I'm lucky pilates tonight. Take care and thanks. Love the dog you look really well.

  • Well done you ..keep gardening it's so rewarding ...Heather..out in the fresh air and sunshine twinkly. X

  • Both you and your dog looking fab as always! I've just bought a lorry load of caviar and champagne - maybe I should cut down - just a little. X

  • I'm coming to yours xx

  • You both look fab Twinkly

    I love your positive posts in fact you were the first person I saw on here after being diagnosed and you gave me great cheer .

    Hope your knees are a bit better


  • Pleased to report !! The letter has arrived today from hospital .being as my tummy surgery was a success no awful after shocks ! The surgeon has been requested to put me on a waiting list for a new knee ..I'm ready for that now ,,fed up with the injections and draining I'll let you all know how it progresses ,, Twinkly 💜

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