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Ilio(p)soas muscle

Hey everyone... :)

As mentioned in another post, I have just come from having ever more CT scans to try to find out what exactly is going on with my left-side to my abdomen?

The scans although inconclusive on my spleen (because I have very poor vein structure I was unable to have the dye injected on this occasion), however, it did show that I have an abnormal level of calcification to my iliopsoas muscle. Some of the literature that I have thus far gleaned suggests that the 'iliopsoas muscle's calcification could be responsible for my abdominal pains...? And that the calcification of the Iliopsoas muscle could be consistent with people being treated with chemotherapy, Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), as a case in point...

Not so long ago I was experiencing rather severe back pain. Scans showed a great deal of Osteophyte growth on my vertebrae and of course the vertebrae are also connected to the iliopsoas muscle.

Honestly, we all have to almost be specialists in human anatomy to really know anything about our conditions...

Hence, I was wondering if anyone else knows anything about this condition?


Steve (Sydney)

Post Et (pre-fibrotic) MF

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Hi Steve, apologies I don't know anything about your condition and really sorry to hear of your problems. Please contact Maz our editor who will be more able to help. Kindest regards Aime xx


Hey Aime... :)

Please no apologies required. I really only expect responses if they are something that others have also experienced in some way etc...

I did find a response through an alternate site where the patient (blogger) also had a number of conditions (cancers) including CML? (I think for memory?)

I any event, thanks again for your response Aime...

Hope you are happy & well...

Steve (Sydney)


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