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Radiation blast symptoms?

Hey everyone, well this is going to sound just a wee bit bizarre.

After yet another terrible attempt at slumber last evening, very early this AM I was beset by something I can only describe as something akin to a blast of radiation.

I say bizarre, because as far as I am aware... apart from over-exposure to TV and computer screens, I doubt that I would know what a 'Blast of radiation' should feel like.

I have experienced this strange symptom previously but had never really given it too much thought... It kind of hits suddenly, and whenever it does happen, it does make me jump quite suddenly, if any of this makes any sense at all?

Has anyone ever felt anything like this?


Steve (Sydney)

PET (pre-fibrotic) MF

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Do you mean you were really hot?



Hey Lizzie... :)

No, not hot. It's kind of like a sudden fierce buzz...

Have you never experienced radiation from a TV set? It is a tad difficult to describe.


Yes I know the feeling, it used to happen to me, I would try to go to sleep, just before I nodded off, it was like an electric shock, sometimes even a couple of times. actually falling out of bed? It usually took about half an hour to be able to TRY to get back to sleep, sometimes even a couple of times a night! I told my GP about it, he seemed to ignore it thought 'I was crazy'. I assumed it was something to do with my epilepsy medication, but my medication had never been altered?

It now has stopped, it could have been something from lack of sleep, I had an un-diagnosed neuroma for two years, about the same time!

I have been writing a book using computer, and because I live on my own staying up late watching TV, mainly trying to calm myself down after another 'attack', the book is almost finished, there is far less pressure, in my life and the 'electric' shocks, seem to have disappeared?


Hi Adlon57...

Yes, that does sort of sound like what happens to me on occasion. I definitely spend too much time on my laptop and can nod-off while watching a film. Interesting is it not. You and I are definitely not crazy... :)

Not completely anyways... :)

Thanks again

Steve (Sydney)


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