PIP and the smiling assassin

Forgot to let you know how it went with the PIP assessment from the smiling assassin who also brought her own T-Bag!!! Yep, her own T-Bag. All I can say is get a copy of your report as soon as you can. Give it 24 hours. There were quite a few little 'stories' in mine although I did get enhanced for home thingy and standard for mobility (Unfortunately I have some extremely debilitating hurties around this temple of a body too!!). I Could really really have done with it the other way round. S.A. said I didn't need a copy as it would ALL be in the report. Wrong. I have sent off for a reconsideration. My advise is to get as much info as you possibly can and play pretty dumb but truthful as if everyday is your worst. It is also very useful to use the Benefits and works, wonderful site, and read what the assessors are looking for/judging you on. Yes they do pull that ''can I use your toilet'' trick.Good luck to all out there.

Nod XX

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  • I scored 0 on my assessment in November

  • Well done on the result you carved out there Nod, and good luck with your appeal. Keep pressing. The latest success figures from benefits and work don't make good reading and show just what a cost cutting exercise it is, from a Govt who promised to protect the disabled and vulnerable. I don't think. Hand the savings over to the private sector and their shareholders. Many genuine cases have lost their lifeline and independence, I had to hand my motorbility car back last year as couldn't score enough points to qualify under the new descriptors. Just one of thousands, though I accept some people as always happens were telling porky pies by claiming to be much worse than they were.

    I know you and I recognise the value of joining Benefits and Work but like you I would endorse joining if you are thinking of claiming because it could be the best £20 you spend.

    Keep fighting for a result. Cheers Chris

  • Hi Chris, did you manage to appeal against that decision and get back Motability car??

    Kind regards


  • Yes Lana because my circumstances changed and the Mcmillan rep at Manc Hosp intervened along with my clinical specialist nurse to re-submit my claim as I was too poorly. Left to me I wouldn't have bothered because I couldn't face it all at the time. That's what the DWP partly reliance on , claimants not being in the right frame of mind to see it through. . . . .

  • Hi all!

    I too scored zero earlier this year, as I was having such a tough time after a stroke and heart attack last year. I decided to 'give up' on this but not sure if I have made the right decision, as my Winter months are a lot more challenging than my Summer months. I feel that the criteria is almost set to 'catch you out', even though its very invasive and they do ask a lot of questions which appear to be repeated. I understand that they do have to try to weed out the ones that try to make a claim and don't really need it, but in their 'efforts', I'm afraid that many who do need this benefit are overlooked.

  • Hi chelsea1, that is total disgrace. All they care to get you of the benefits. Shame on you gov/PIP.

    Wishing you well

  • Many thanks for your support. Its a tough process when you apply and I guess they do this to put people off making an application. I'm just hoping that I will continue to get better. All the best to you !

  • Hi Chelsea, do, do try again. Apart from the brilliant website we have mentioned there is lots of help out there. Start with C.A.B. Don't let those s***es win. It is essential that you reapply and tell them just why you couldn't go on last time. I wish you all the best.

    Nod XX

  • Much appreciated Nod and all the best to you too! xx

  • Nod is right. . But you really need to know what you're being scored against and write in those boxes with extra info owise as you have found its easy to score a fat zero. What really irks me is the fact that on the main scoring criteria the boxes to describe how the activity affects you are tiny, and on the ones that aren't so crucial the boxes to describe how the activity affects you are twice the size. Hardly fair. Also don't be constrained by the boxes , they are put there to hem your response in as they "suggest" to you that is all the room you have. You can put more in extra info.

    Best of luck if you decide to fight back. . Chris

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