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Will leaving the eu affect our access to myeloproliferative medication?

I have been wondering about this all day. I am on pegasus interferon which is produced in the EU. I understand it is an expensive injection and not always a first choice for MPN patients. Will the NHS still be able to keep hold of it or will it cost them more to receive it from the EU?

I am worried as I just don't know all the facts in terms of NHS and the BRexit! Its a little worrying!!

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A valid concern, my 'assumption' which may be wrong, would be those already receiving will be OK. However new patients may find things change.

That said predictions of increased costs may only be short term. Despite what people say I don't thing long term anyone knows what will happen yet.

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Hi, very good question. I am on Interferon would be good to know....

Wishing you well

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If the pricing of drugs in France is anything to go by, then Pegasys 2A is no where near the top of the list cost wise for drugs used to combat MPNs and post SCT treatments; so if any logic is followed (but who said the NHS or its French equivalent - CPAM - was logic!!) then it would surprise me if Pegasys was on the top of the hit list.

At this time last year I had to throw away £6000 worth of untouched/unboxed Ruxo (Jakavi) that no-one was interested in re-cycling!!

I fully understand though that this is a worrying topic.

Good WE


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Perhaps we should ask Norway and Switzerland what they do. We can always boycott imported Golden Delicious, and aircraft parts etc.

My drug is manufactured in Germany, I shall forthwith forget the idea of buying a VW if the Germans hoick up the price.

Personally, as a permanent optimist and Leave voter I'm quite sure all will be well.

And at least we'll be able to decide what sort of hoovers we buy.



Ps I do understand completely your worries despite my rather flippant reply.

Don't worry, all will be well after the initial to do........


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