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Diagnosis via e-mail(!)

As I have written earlier, I have been through quite a lot since I went through pneumonia one year ago. I spent the whole last summer, taking blood tests at my GPs office. Was referred to haematologist after repeated abnormal tests. Have gone through four bone marrow tests, two of them with biopsy. All results inconclusive, but after a while he suspected cmml (chronic myelomonocytic leukemia). As late as may 10. He was not certain of the correct diagnosis, and he referred me to Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet. I got an appointment there at july 21. I must admit, I was quite disappointed that I had to wait that long, so I wrote an e-mail where I asked if I could come earlier. I wrote that I had been ill for more than a year, and that I was quite depressed and anxious now, since I still hadn't got a clear diagnosis. After a week, the answer was that they could not give me an earlier appointment. (Fair enough. I accept that.). But, and here comes what makes me appaled: quote:"It is not true that you haven't got a diagnosis. Your haematologist has given you a diagnosis, which is probably correct"! HE HAS NOT!

The answer was sent to me by e-mail!

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very very annoying and a poor way to communicate with you: they seem to have missed the point entirely.

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I had a long telephone conversation with my local haematologist yesterday. He said he was quite certain about the diagnosis, and that he had been in contact with the expert in Oslo. He apologized and said that the expert probably thought that I had been informed. I hope that I haven't scared anyone, because giving a diagnosis via open e-mail is a big mistake. Fortunately, I am a quite calm person.


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