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To make you laugh

Nothing to do with MPN but might give you all a laugh this morning.

We went to a 70 th birthday BBQ last night, and all stood round admiring the hosts newly self built BBQ, loaded with sausages steaks chicken salmon in parcels - the works, all smelling and looking absolutely mouth wateringly delish.

All of a sudden there was an almighty explosion (was some Isis terrorist cell taking pot shots?) and before we could take cover the food shot into the air in all directions along with a mixture of very hot shards of slate and limestone. Fortunately the only casualties were our supper and the garden umbrella which ended up with large holes in it......

Moral of the story, use fire bricks and not ordinary stone to build a BBQ.

We dined on salad and bread, with a lot of hilarity thrown in.

The poor chap will never live it down.

Have a good day everyone. Love, Louise


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Just goes to show there are all sorts of dangers waiting for us out there, not just our MPN's..! 😉


Oooo dear good job no one was hurt ,

Nothing worse than getting stoned at a BBQ 😜


Now that's a good one. LOL LOL LOL


Lucky nobody was hurt but I have learned through the years that when something does go wrong it is much better to laugh rather than get het up about it - in all aspects of life. Thank you for the laugh you shared with us today



Omg, that poor man seeing all his hard work going literally up in smoke. Sorry but I did have a laugh. I love hearing a good tale to prove that everyone on here isn't a disease, that we do have a normal life. Thanks for sharing, gave me a good chuckle to start this dismal day. I bet if they had a dog that he was fed very well that night lol, God Bless, Jill xx

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Thank Gou you all were safe. Just another thing.......women do not build these things. Macho men never stop to think. LOL


How many stones did he lose in one day? X


I love it! That's for all your replies.



Louise. . What a hoot that one it wouldn't happen to James Martins Bbq. . Of course it's very fortunate no one one was side swiped by a flying salmon or half a brick. It put me in mind of a small bonfire I attended many years at a hotel in Blackpool where my mates dad set it on his concrete forecourt. The searing heat made the forecourt erupt with chunks of hot stone shooting out, one landed in a large cardboard box of fireworks which were exploding randomly. The fire brigade attended to restore order and no one was hurt.

Thanks for sharing that, hope you are keeping well. Chris x



Actually we were very lucky not to be hurt but hey, that's life.

The same chap was in London last week, and he and his wife who he refers to as The Lady Catherine, decided to treat themselves to,lunch at The Baltic Restaurant - wherever that is.

They decided in the end on a humble hamburger and an avocado butty, as well as a beer, and finally a bottle of red wine for £18.50.

When the bill arrived it was for £251.

The bootle of wine he'd guzzled was 185 quid and not £18.50 - he didn't have his specs.........

I'm fine Chris, how are you, more importantly?

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Haha bloody expensive hamburger, hope he appreciated the quality of the grape and it wasn't masked by the quality of the onion in the burger. . .

I have a list of issues around my continued battle with my GVHD, the most debilitating being it affecting my eyesight leaving me partially sighted most of the time. I'm booked in to an eye specialist to have tear ducts blocked. And a mouth specialist to check for secondary cancer of soft tissue. The steroids have sent blood sugar into over drive so I'm shooting 70 units insulin daily.

Like I say a shopping list. Ont plus side appetite good and gained weight. And I'm better in myself as was losing my way a couple month back as that BK Virus hit me hard, coupled with the weight loss and loss of mobility. Felt like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole. But I've kept the faith that I can beat all it chucks at me. Sorry it's a bit of a rambler. Please keep cheering us all up with your witty posts. . Chrisx


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