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Good Luck to the MPN Voice Abseil Team

Well the time has nearly come for our wonderful MPN Voice Abseil Team to get ready, remember not to look down and throw themselves off St Thomas' Hospital Tower!! We will be there cheering on Christine Ray, Fiona McBain, Charlotte and Simon Fox, Sian Miles, Ruth Barnett, Helen Scott, Camilla Baker, Lara Budgen, Portia Baker and Team Altro with David Brailsford, Laura Brewer, Rebecca Dermott, Ros Austin, Ed and Sarah De los Rios, Domingo Lopez-Dean, Valerie Brinson, Kathryn and Levi Nicholson-Brown. Thank you for all your amazing support. Enjoy every second!!!!

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Hi Marilyn Have they got a timed descent? I'm going to go to cheer them on so thinking of getting to St Thomas at 12pm. Thank you Maggie


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