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Need to reduce inflammation


I need to reduce inflammation in order to supplement with iron. At the moment my iron supplements are just pushing up my ferritin levels and hardly increasing my saturation level. Saturation level is 26% and needs to be 35% in order for my thyroid meds to work properly. 

My ESR is 31 and top of range is 14. I spike to my haematologist about it being high but he said it isn't high. He said ESR should be half your age + 5!!

My crp is 3 range is 0-10. 

I've looked at Anxatherin, which is supposed to be very good but it is a blood thinner. Im already on baby aspirin.

Could I take this and stop the Anxatherin instead. Im trying so hard to get my thyroid levels right 

Also, is HARD heartbeat to do with ET? 

I am diagnosed 9 years ago with ET plus JAK2+.

Because of my age.... 63.... I've been put in hydroxycarbamide even though platelets were only 550 at that time.

I've never had any clots. I  am not aware of any ET symptoms as yet. 

Thank you 

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hello 130396, you must ask your haematologist about taking any medication and whether or not it is suitable to take with your aspirin and the hydroxycarbamide as there may be contraindications.  Best wishes, Maz 

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Hi Maz

Thanks for your reply. 

I did speak to my local haematologist about my high ESR and it indicating inflammation but he said it didn't 

Yet I can't raise my saturation up to the 35% that is required for my thyroid meds to work properly. 

I took prescribed iron supplements and my ferritin shot up from 84 to 183. So that again indicates inflammation. 

I don't see my haematologist again until July. 

Been struggling for almost 3 years trying to get my thyroid stable again. Was fine for over 28 years. 

Thanks Maz 


Trans level 2.40g/l iron level 15.5 (9.0-30.4)unsaturated iron binding capacity 44.74 (20.0-62.0)TIBC 60.24 (45.0-70.0)saturation 26%(16.0-45)


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