Looking for a really super medical ID bracelet?

Hi everyone,

Just in case you've been searching the Internet for a really really nice medical ID bracelet and can't find one, have a look at www.lauren's hope.com

I ordered one about 6 months ago and it's lovely quality and exactly how it appeared on the website.

LOADS of pretty styles for women and children, also macho ones for chaps, and the ID bracelets are interchangeable with the bracelets as bracelets have a clasp at either end.

Genius! Medical tags also come in steel with white embossed logo ( not just that horrid red) and a very pretty rose gold colour. 

Hope that may help those of you who like me couldn't find anything other than the usual ghastly stainless steel ugly chunky jobs....


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  • Great Louise ,will look now!Thank you ,keep well.

  • Thanks Inca I'm really well touch wood

  • Just seen my consultant here in SW France,my blood is the best it has been for along time,he threw his hands in the air and shouted 'hooray'.,and thank goodness reduced the Hydrea.It is with Thanks to this site I have learned so much,been able to ask questions,actually he has learned as much from me as I have from him !So due to you ,Maz and team we both are informed! So grateful to you all who run it.Very best wishes Louise,bracelets look good....thanks again Sally

  • Hi Sally, great news, good to hear that you are doing and feeling so well.  Maz x

  • Thanks for the info. Can you post a picture of your bracelet? Thanks!

  • What are  you having put on your  medical I'd bracelet?  What precautions  are you flagging?  I have ET Dr says it's  no big  deal and symptoms  are all in my head.  I guess I  could  put that on it.

  • I'm sorry but your doc sounds like a real jerk (to be polite)! Katie. Maybe that's what you should put on it?

  • Yep, you've got it in one!

    Brilliant haematologist thou thank heavens.


  • Hi Louise, they are very pretty and something is nagging me to get one, but I'm not sure what info should go on there. I have myelofibrosis now and am taking Ruxolitinib, so is that it and a contact number or something else too? Thanks for your help, Christine

  • Hi Christine,

    Sounds fine - your full name, medical condition, medication and emergency telephone contact. You won't fit much more on to be honest.


  • Just to add that the English based Medic Alert has a back up service. Along with a list of all my Medical Conditions my bracelet also has room for a membership number and the Medic Alert 24 hour phone number from here or abroad.  A caller will be given up to date medical information which they hold on file about me: my GP; Hospital location and phone number; my Hospital number,  Consultants name(s);   Medical Conditions,  Medications, Emergency contacts etc. My concern is that all of this can be given easily and immediately to whoever needs it.  I want my bracelet to stand out clearly for what it is if I am caught up in an emergency and I am unable to provide any of that information. 

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