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Not been online for a while

Not been here for a while I switched to interferon and the side effects were very harsh, I am now under guys and just started pegasys hopefully it will have less side effects but my tiredness is at an all time high and the pain I seem to be getting in my legs is pretty severe now plus I just feel like I have flu all the time, just wondering how long to expect this to last feeling pretty low about it all... Hope everybody else is feeling ok... Take it easy all

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Hi, don't know what dose of Pegasys you are on but many people find their bodies get used to it fairly quickly and the side effects fade. For me it depended on the dose. The tiredness seems to be something we all have to struggle with as a symptom of our MPNs but the Pegasys flu like symptoms should fade I think. Good luck and stick with it, Frances


I’m sorry your having bad side affects from what I’ve read peg interferon is much better tolerated All the best. Keep in touch.

Interesting article below.



Hello Rastavapa

I agree that fatigue is something many MPN folk have. I find a bit of exercise helps me. (and I hate exercise).

I take 90 unit of Pegasys once a week. I inject at bedtime. I take one or two panadol 10 to 20 minutes before I inject and then go to bed.

I have been told that it does take awhile to adjust to this medicine.

I wish you well.


I'm on the same dose as you 90 every week but I am still on hydrea for another week, I have another blood test this Thursday so my dose may change, I am just waiting until my body gets used to it hopefully it won't last to long.... Nick


Your dose was too high.....I was on 45mcg one time a week and had no side effects ........


I've been told it could go up to 160 units or less, he said sometimes it is done fortnightly also, but I have only done normal interferon before and that was three a week


Should be Pegasys....long acting.....


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