Went for my liver and spleen scan yesterday after my brain CT scan on Thursday last week.  Scan showed liver and spleen enlarged which may be why I am having waves of pain in that area.  The one I am worrying about most is the brain CT results.  My slurring is getting significantly worse and now I am developing a stammer.  Cannot walk anywhere without my rollator because vof the stumbling.  Boy getting old sucks big time!  Anybody else suffering these symptoms to any significant degree.

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  • Wow, you really are having a rough and tough time....and not knowing the cause of all this just makes it seem worse for you, as well. May the medics get to the bottom of it soon and may it be sorted out really soon. Sending you love and lots of caring, Tinkerbell13

  • Sounds like you are in the wars....hope they get to the bottom of it soon for you.

  • Thanks guys, a week away in Northumberland in two weeks time will be better than any medicine. A cottage 300 Meters from the beach, my two websites and my metal detecting gear.....perfect

  • Sounds good - a break does us all good. Im off to Cape Verde in a months time...cant wait.

  • wow Paul, a bit more elaborate than a little cottage in northumberland!  Lucky guy

  • So sorry to hear things been so rough for you. I hope things improve soon and the docs find out what's happening, always first step to getting things on right track. Week by the sea, sounds heaven and just what you need right now. Take Care and have a good break Liz xx

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