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Feeling a bit down ? - listen again to today's radio 4 You and yours

Hi everyone,

Just listened to a great programme today on you and yours radio 4 re feeling miserable in middle age!

Far from making anyone out there feel worse, there 's a good mix of people who ARE feeling a bit mis, and a wonderfully uplifting crowd who have great tips particularly Giles Brandreth.....

Listen again if you can, it just might help you if you're not feeling on top of the world.

Have a good day, get out and enjoy yourself, and a chuckle at the upside down cartoon below. ( sorry! )



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Haha I got a bit dizzy there standing on my head xx


We do all get down sometimes, I find thinking about how blessed I am still to be here helps a little! I'll definitely have a listen to that show on the bbc iplayer. By the way whats the difference between Giles Brandreth and the M1 - you can turn off the M1 😄

best wishes


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Hi I missed that can you be a bit more specific like the time it was one, what it was called and was it on yesterday, Mon 9th. Thanks



Radio 4, programme called you and yours and was aired at 12.15 on Monday the 8th Feb.



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