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Healthy pee is 1 to 3 , 4 to 8 you must hydrate!


While waiting in the dicharge lounge ( sensibly not called the departure lounge) of the Somerset hospital to be taken home after my recent admission for what turned out to be kidney stones, I picked up this jolly leaflet. It is an answer to - how much fluid should I take in. Because if I just keep on drinking water regardless, then I have to keep going to the loo, which impairs my quality of life, and too much water drinking can also lead to electrolyte depletion, which is not a good idea. So now I know. I should quaff until pee is a nice pale yellow. No darker than shade 3.

I’ll try to.

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Hey Rachel... :-)

Thank you for those colourful descriptions... :-)

Interesting, is it not, that we need to keep drinking as much as do to decrease our toxicity levels, however, & on the other hand, too much cleansing leaves us short of vital elements & minerals that we also require to protect our failing eco-systems...

Keep smiling & glad you are on the mend.


Garden987 in reply to socrates_8

Hi Steve. Re drinking lots of water. Good point about it leaving us short of minerals etc. Do you take any supplements to combat that and if so, what?Thanks. Mary

socrates_8 in reply to Garden987

Hey Mary... :-)

Hope you are doing well.

I always take Vitamin supplements (MegaB & Multi-Vitamins), & try to eat only unprocessed foods, veg, fruits & wild catch seafood... Stopped all alcohol these days too... I do feel better for it too... :-)

Best wishes


Garden987 in reply to socrates_8

Hi again Steve. Thanks for your reply. I too eat pretty much the same as you (apart from the odd packet of biscuits) and I do admit to the odd glass of bubbly! Hope you are doing OK. Best wishes. Mary


Lovely colour chart! Quite a cheery collection. I rather like the idea of a number 7 kitchen wall with number 2 for around the windows. Number 5 could make a feature of some cupboard doors under the sink bench!

I'm sorry that you have kidney stones, but very glad it wasn't the spleen.

I sympathize with you regards frequent trips to the loo... It is annoying/embarrassing having to make a dash sometimes. I feel envious of our cat who seems able to sleep for hour after hour without being disturbed by such things!

P :-)

I did wonder for a while about this, knowing I had a minimum intake daily of 2 litres why mine was still mostly stronger coloured, (almost luminous), and have come to the conclusion, having forgotten my high strength Vit C that I usually take, that was why. When I forgot to take it, I was a healthy shade.

Hope your kidney stones are not giving you too much discomfort Rachel.


jointpain in reply to Mica11

If you are taking vitamin b complex I think the excess b3 is excreted as luminous yellow wee. Won't do any harm as far as I know.

Mica11 in reply to jointpain

Oh I take that too! Could be a joint culprit.

50 shades of yellow lol 😁

Hi everyone, I just thought about the different med's I take and some of them do turn your pee different colours, so it seems to contradict the chart a bit ,so those of us who take these med's must be careful. junex

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