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Hi everyone!

Just a note to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my buck up post! Wow! What a response! I completely agree, this is a great site for everyone to air their views.

Meanwhile have attached a photo so that you can all see the old bat who rattled a few cages.

Taken on Rhoscolyn beach Anglesey on the 2nd Jan.

Got up to a beautiful day so decided a blast of sea air was what we all needed.

3 hours later sauteeed chicken and spuds next to the waves followed by a two and half hour hike ( 94 year old mother left in pub with papers and unlimited supply of coffee)

Lovely husband drove both ways.

Yeeeee ha!


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Great photo. Think we should all seize the moment and enjoy - housework, ironing etc can wait.

Just had two grandchildren for a sleepover - not every day I'm playing chess (badly) with an 8 year old at 9 in the morning!

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Great pic. Although it does look like you've just given birth to a blue alien! 😄

Nothing like a lovely walk in the fresh air. I think l might have joined Mum in the pub though!

Best wishes



Great photo! Keep having fun! X


Lol I wish I could leave my 92 year old mum in a pub hahahaha, laughed just thinking about it. Your not an old bat so stop it! Again, your energy amazes me. Luv the puppet xx


Hi Jilly and everyone, thanks for the replies!

What a yell, I do rather look as though I've produced an alien.

You know, I do often feel decidedly knackered and a bit down, but that's the time when I know I have to get out and pound the pavements. The knackeredness seems to disappear after 40 to 60 mins of brisk walking. Don't ask me why. I think it must be something to do with getting the old blood circulating and producing endorphins......

Our next door neighbour's daughter, ( who we've know since she was 5 !)is now 33 and a consultant in various cancers. She's conducting special studies into how exercise and lifestyle can help cancers. Now, whether this includes blood cancers who knows, but watch this space!

Meanwhile, wheel the old girl out Jilly! You might be able to fix her up with a 92 year old chap........

I've tried that ruse but my mother firmly says

" I don't want to entertain, clean up after, or sleep with ( crikey 😧 ) another man ")

Ah well.

Have a good day.


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Great banter, sparkling wit and repartee! Just what we need on a Monday morning! Take care, Sue


Lovely picture - keep enjoying the wonderful fresh clean air by the sea. Great to be able to rustle up some food on the beach in January!!! Love and blessings


Well, what wonderful positivity you have inspired Lou, i feel good reading these posts! I had an office day today, the challenge of being sedentary abaited by some seriously upbeat music to help me stay focused and a couple of brisk walks to get the blood pumping. :-)


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