Hi everyone , i should be used to things by now , but just feeling worried about my appoiment with heam at hospital tomorrow! i guess its because i havent been feeling tip top of late and need to ask if my ET causing it ? im getting soo tired, no energy and lots of headaches / muzzy heads feeling and quite anxious most days so will see what she says on wed after having bloods done last week ! Ready for her . 😚

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  • Aw Holly it's ok to be nervous before appointments I think we can all relate to that .

    Hope it goes well for you and they have a plan for you .

    Will look for an update . Thinking of you xx

  • Hi Helen ,thankyou ,will let you know xx

  • Hi, every sympathy, I am also anxious before haem visits and last time I worried about nothing. Know exactly how you are feeling, wish you all the best and good luck with the appointment. Kind regards and hugs Aime xx😺

  • Hi Aime, thank you for that , will post when im back xx

  • Most of us get nervous pre appt esp when we're not feeling tip top. . But then again you know that ☺. . See what your bloods show as they usually have a wee story to tell with MPN. . It could be you have picked up a virus which is making you more tired than usual, doesn't explain your anxiety though. . . I hope your Hem is able to help you and give you some reassurance which in turn might help in other areas. . . Good luck x

  • I am feeling the same,C.W.,More tired than I can remember,real fuzzy head,white cells right up,worried about appt Thursday.....Good Luck with yours,we cannot help the anxiety,sure it makes us worse.

  • Praying for a good report and answers for you!

  • Hi Holly

    Know how you feel! I am feeling v tired and lots of muzzy heads too. After quite a while of fairly stable platelets around 330 wondering if they are rising a bit. Had blood test yesterday and at hospital next week, and do feel little anxious must admit.

    Though know it's not necessarily the ET. I wish you best of luck today and hope all ok, but if they are up a bit don't worry, they can come down again. Mine have gone up and down since diagnosis. Bit of tweaking of the hydroxy has been necessary. It could be you just picked up a little virus, I know that can make you feel tired and can I understand cause rise in platelets, even in someone without ET.

    Let us know how you get on. Liz xx

  • Wish you well and good luck

    I've got mine today and not really feeling tip top either ....lets hope all results for everyone are good


  • Thank you everyone for your lovely replys, im feeling less anxious thats something

    All the best to you also jk1234 on your results today also !

    Best wishes one and all Holly xx

  • Just to say hope all goes well today with your appointment. Best wishes Sandy x

  • I felt bad when I went to my appt in September and all was ok. My platelets were nearer normal than they had ever been. Another time they were raised after I slipped and fell. I believe a bit of bruising can raise platelets too, and a small adjustment in the hydroxy fixed it. The fuzzy, foggy heads are terrible tho I agree - and when combined with the fatigue they are "sair to bear" as we say. Good luck with your appt and keep us updated.x

  • Thank you crazydaisy , although im sure your not ! haha , all the best to you xx

  • Hi Holly. Good luck today, hope all goes well. love Mel x

  • Thankyou Mel xx

  • Hi Holly, good luck today, hope it's all ok, it's horrible having a fuzzy head and feeling really fatigued, hope it gets better soon, I had a few days like it the weekend before last, just didn't want to do anything, but a nice walk with Pete and our dog, Bart, helped and of course then just slobbing on the sofa with a HUGE bar of chocolate. Let us know how you get on, Maz x x x

  • Like the chocolate!xx Aime😺

  • Thank you Maz umm i love chocolate too! will let you all know Holly x

  • Good luck today Holly, hope all goes well and you get some reassurance.

    Karen xx

  • . oh poor you - be kind to yourself . indulge - give yourself bunch flowers - feet up - watch a film . so hope doc took time with you and made you feel listened to . this is a good place to express low feelings . people care .

  • After a few decades of this sort of thing, I opine that if you are breathing air and taking nourishment, you are still in the game. Keep it up!

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