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Feeling little nervous - flying after a thrombosis

Hi all

Now this is a little silly I know. I am flying to Berlin tomorrow for a few days break. Last time I was on a plane was June 2012 when I flew to Tunisia. It was the July 2012 when I got my portal vein thrombosis and was subsequently diagnosed with ET. For various reasons initially too unwell to travel and various family issues not managed a break abroad since.

I am nervous about flying due to previous clot. Doctor says it is OK a short haul flight, I have some compression stockings and know I will have to stay well hydrated. I am prepared have meds and got insurance through one of sites this forum recommends. So why am I being so silly? has anyone else felt this way following a clot? Any one would think I was travelling long haul not a short hop across to Europe! Lizx

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Hi. I had same concern but my doc said to wear the support hose and walk up and down the aisle as much and as long as they allow and you should be fine. He also said while seated I should move both feet forward and back and trace out the shapes of each letter in the alphabet with my feet. Good luck. I'm sure you'll do fine.


Thanks Katie appreciate the advice and reassurance x


You are not silly. You had a bad event and it makes sense that you are afraid. I think I spent my entire first flight praying non- stop. I had 2 strokes before that and I was very worried. To be perfectly honest, I spent the whole second flight praying too. I dunno if that will ever go away. Good luck...take Your precautions, if you pray, pray and carry on .....


Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Nice to know it's not just me. Thanks x


Liz, have a lovely time and you seem totally prepared and doing all the right things.

You will be fine I am sure. Look forward to hearing all about Berlin.



Thanks Linds. I survived flights fine thanks and really enjoyed my break. Back now and feeling bit knackered, but did lot of walking around Berlin playing the tourist and I am not as young and fit as I used to be. Surprised myself at how much I was able to do though! thanks so much for your kind words x


I'm sure you will be fine - you're already well prepared with compression stocking, hydrating and moving legs. Next is distraction, a good book, a good movie. I think all of us worry on such occasions, I hope you have a great time, and look forward to hearing about yr trip!!!


Thanks Jean, I was probably over worried as it was only short haul! Anyway survived fine and would not worry about short hauls in future, would just keep taking the precautions as they say! I did take a good book on the flight thanks and it distracted me as they always do. I love reading!

Enjoyed my trip, did lot of walking around Berlin so pretty tired now I am back but it was worth it.we all need a break away from it all! Thanks again Lizx

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I flew home from turkey with a massive blood clot in the full thigh.

This is my 3Rd clot now.

Any flight over 3.5hrs I should of been having a tinzaparin injection but I knew nothing about this.

I'm still in a lot of pain around my ankle area I don't think I dare fly next year. I'm not sure if I'm going to need to see a cardiovascular specialist. As this clot has caused a lot of damage.

Was your insurance very high? I'm on warfrin for life now so I'm dreading looking for insurance.

Plus my husband has got polycthamenia rubra vera we both falling to bits!!

They say once your on anticoagulants you are the safest person on the plane.

I'm sure you will be fine the flight is a short one so your fine!!!



Thanks Tracey. I was fine as you say, survived both flights and enjoyed my break. I have not taken anti clotting meds for a while, though on drugs for the ET. The insurance I got for the short break was reasonable I felt despite declaring my previous thrombosis, ET and the stomach issue (visceral myopathy and underactive thyroid I have. They did ask questions about clot and treatment and also asked if I had been advised by my dr not to fly. My dr has said it would be fine. I don't know if I would have been charged more if my answers to questions had of been different or not. Insurance companies I find work in mysterious ways.

There is a list of insurance companies in the travel leaflet on the MPDvoice website. I can send you the link if you like. Let me know.

Sorry to hear you have been so poorly, 3 clots! One was scary and horrible enough. My partner and I both feel like we are falling to bits too, he has health issues too though not an MPN. He was too unwell to travel this time, it was my brother who treated me and came with me.

I was clearly worrying too much, though if it was a long haul I think I would need the injection too and would worry more!

I hope you are feeling better soon, let me know how things go with you and yours. Take care of yourself. Lizx


I'm lucky never to have had a clot but I don't worry too much about my ET on short haul flights. Flying to the Middle East next month so got my haem to prescribe some shots of dalteparin as a precaution - always feel safer with that for any flight over about 4 hours and make sure to wear compression socks, stay hydrated and move around too...


Thanks Andy. Yes you were rights survived flight there and back fine and enjoyed my short break. Would not worry about short haul in future, though would still be nervous about doing. Long haul and would definately need anti clotting meds before one of those!

I wore my compression socks, very elegant! Drank lots, must say felt very dry but they keep those airplane cabins too warm, moved around and all well. Have to say did not really worry about the ET it was just the clot. Hope all well with you thanks lizx

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