My Benevolent Donor Sister

My Benevolent Donor Sister

Just to let you all know that my lovely sister who as you know selflessly stepped up and offered her precious stem cells to me is getting back on top form. . To donate she opted for 4 days of evening injections in her tum by district nurse which I thought sounded eye watering. . The injections make the stem cells spill over into your bloodstream. Then she came into Manc Royal on 5th day and was hooked up to machine both arms which kind of recycles the blood by taking it from one arm, spins off the life giving Stem cells returning the blood back to you in the other arm. . Wow.

She was very tired for a good few days after, , and felt weakened by the procedure so had to take it easy and listen to her body. But I'm pleased to say she has been back to work these past few days and seems to be fully recovered. She is a teaching assistant with responsibility for special needs students so needs to be on her toes.

It strikes me that being a donor is like being a bridesmaid and not the bride in a way. . You're in the limelight and the centre of attention then after you do 'your bit' you step back and go on with your usual life, this seems especially true in unrelated donor cases. There is also a psychological aspect to being a sibling donor in that I think my sister feels some responsibility for a successful outcome and won't be reassured until my counts fire up. . This is in spite of the fact we have no control over it, I am dependent on drug therapy to give me the best chance. So I just want to acknowledge the on going part my sister has in my transplant. And maybe help to inform for anyone considering a future transplant option.

If anyone has any questions about any aspect physical, mental, of the process just message me via forum messenger and I will do my best to answer.

Cheers Chris xx

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  • She is an amazing sister. It's good to hear from you x

  • A lovely post Chris .

    So pleased your sister is doing ok now and a big up for the gift she gave you .

    I am constantly in awe of all the donors and their families .

    Hope you are doing ok too and that you will be soon on the road to recovery .

    Helen x

  • good morning Chris hope things are going well. Yes let's hear it for your special Sis... ".great love hath " etc. what a gift to lady, this is such an incredible thing to do. Love to her too. May you both be on top form very soon.

    Luv Sandy x

  • Here's praying the stem cells kick in very soon and you will be on your way to recovery, god bless our sisters.

  • That's wonderful that you've taken the effort to write about your sister, who loves you unconditionally. Just as you do her. Donors are always needed and always appreciated. Gratitude is important, and you have shown how very grateful you are. Always thinking of you, Chris. Thank you for keeping us all informed. You're amazing x

  • Well said Chris. Kisses for you're wonderful sister. Xxx

    Judy x

  • What a lovely post, are sisters not wonderful, I have a twin, and I know that she would always be there for me if I ever needed it.

    Good to here your spirit is not dimmed, Chris, do not think you can call yourself JediReject anymore, need to find another name😎 you have a wonderful attitude to all that is going on in your life.

    Jean x

  • Well done to your sister Chris & glad she is feeling better now. X

  • Well said Chris, pleased she is back to normal.

    Hope those cells do their work.


  • Morning Chris. What a lovely post. It's such a lovely selfless thing your sister has done. Hope you and your sister are both on top of the world soon.

    I love the pic. I have five sisters so I will be sending it to all of them!

    Karen xxx

  • I've sent that saying to my sister too! She was gutted when told she wouldn't be a match for me. I'm so glad that your sister is doing well and hope that the female software now installed in your system will kick in and do its thing without too much hassle very soon.

    Jan xx

  • Good morning sunshine ,,you sound in a thoughtful mood today .maybe this time away ,has been good to reflect on the best things in our life , the ones we love .more even , the ones who love us ..You have no doubt now ,do you?? So lucky to be valued .by one so close ,,,,sending you my bestest love to you ,,be strong my wayward son..twinkly ...xxxx

  • How true Twinkly, , there is an element of my extended family who haven't made any enquiry about my progress even though they are aware I am here. . I find it hurtful as I have helped them a lot with many things down the years. But guess what though I'm not a spiteful or vindictive person I won't be volunteering my services to them again. . . Ho hum such is life you never know how things pan out as people have stepped up who you might think would be the last to do so. . X

  • Yes I have nothing but admiration and love for my wee sis, , this experience has definitely brought us closer as you might imagine. . And I'm glad if my post popped your own sister (s) into your thoughts for those that are lucky to have one / them. . Even if like our friend beetle my sister hadn't been a match we would still have become closer because of that. . It's a one in four chance of a match so how lucky was that.

    Anyway back to the business of the day 2 bags of red cells to top me up.

    Cheers folks for all your interest and continued support, , it's a tad long haul this job. 😆😆😆 a few cheesy grins , Chris xx

  • Gosh Chris , what a great thing for your Sister to help you in this way , something that no amount of money in the world can do when its a health crisis like your having , all the best my friend and hope all works out for you Holly x

  • Think we are all moved and humbled by such a brave brother and sister. Rather agree with the JediReject being replaced by something that reflects more such a remarkable person as you, Chris. Maybe some of those who haven't come forward to support you feel inadequate and don't know what to say....friend with brain tumour saying exactly the same and trying not to feel hurt. Bless you, your sister and all those caring for you....they must feel more than fortunate to have someone like you to look after. Tinkerbell13

  • I understand people's reservations , one of the chaps in my social club just passed from brain tumour, he was coming into club up to end almost and I could see a number of folk were uncomfortable with him probably afraid of saying the 'wrong' thing or upsetting him. But he was the same person as before just battle hardened. .

    I do try and make every effort to be polite and courteous to all treating me and those that keep my room clean and change my bed daily. . Even when I don't feel like at haf 6 in the morning or midnight or some days anywhere I'm between. . X

  • Hello Chris my lovely friend, sisters are indeed wonderful people, mine is wonderful. I am so glad to hear that your lovely sister is doing so well and back at work, what a marvellous lady she is. And it's nice to hear from you as well and good to hear that you are doing well. Keep getting better my friend. Maz x x x

  • Thanks Marz, , glad your sis and you are very close. . Keep up all the good work you and your colleagues do for us xx

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