Boasting About My Sister

Boasting About My Sister

Although her efforts were not directly for MPN Voice - but the MPN 'family' will benefit all the same - my sister has just completed a series of sponsored runs for the Bloodwise charity.

She was so disappointed that she was not compatible with me for a SCT that she decided to do something else to help.

She set out to run a total of miles equivalent to my age (53 at the time) finishing up with a tally of 86 miles total on World Blood cancer day last weekend.

I'm so proud of her :-) .

Boasting over.

Hope you all have a good a day as possible.


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  • Not surprised your proud of her what an amazing achievement!! Well done her Liz ps she's looking good on it too!

  • Ay Up . . Top lass. Great result and a fantastic pic. . Glad you shared and I'm not surprised you're so proud a brother. . Cheers Chris

  • what a wonderful achievement. Congratulations and thanks are in order.

  • Well done her - I feel exhausted reading about it! 👍

  • Wow that's amazing ,

    well done that's determination,

    Congrats to you Both X

    Pam x

  • Great achievement,well done to her.

    How is your training coming on Pam? Missing chat with you.Great determination. those who can run ,Jolly well done.Sally x

  • That's a fantastic thing to do. Well done to your sister xx

  • What an achievement, something you all should be proud of. She is an angel and we all appreciate the effort this must have taken, God bless her xx

  • Thanks to you all for your kind remarks - I'll let my "little sister" know, she'll probably tell me off!

    Have a pleasant WE, ans may next week be super too.


  • That's amazing. My friend Jane Drummond is running in five events for blood wise too. It's so overwhelming. It means so much. Congratulations to your sister. Xx

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