Hi my merry folks, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, have just been diagnosed with Cataracts left really bad, there was no sign of them last year, have just appeared could it be the Hydroxycarbamide that has caused them??? Anyway went to The West Kent Eye centre at Farnborough Hospital to be told that they will not do them, they just looked at my file seeing that I have ET and attend haematology every few months and I presume they think that I am going to pop my clogs and will be a waste of their time doing them even though my left eye is sooooo blurred, just told me to go back to my opticians to get some stronger glasses!! Anyway I did this and she has since found out that they will not do Cataracts on people with Cancer, Diabetes ,and Macular degeneration no reason given well I have my Haematology app next week, do you think that I need to get them to push for them to be done as it is quality of life. I say what a loada rubbish, I'm not ready for the scrap heap yet.

Sorry to of bored you all with this essay, but had to take my frustration out on my I pad.

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  • I have had both my eyes done ,,they both went very quickly I think because of my Chernobyl ,freezing trips ..( 15/) below at night time , there is no bleeding involved ,but you are awake when the laser is used ,it's not pleasant ,but the results for me are wonderful .i drive and it's much safer for my neighbours nowadays ...I think you should nag louder !! Twinkly x

  • Yep think I will, I am with Benaden so might get them to do them if they refuse again, bet your neighbours are pleased you have had them done think mine also will be a bit happier as At the moment I have to be on top of them before I see them all very strange

  • Hi Superwoman, I found your post very interesting as I too have cataracts and ET. My optician says they are not bad enough to do yet and I must say I agree with him at this stage, but would be very upset if they decided not to do them when the time comes. Also about a year ago I had all the signs and symptoms of a detaching retina and the local hospital had no hesitation in fixing that with lazer treatment. Regards Sue

  • My understanding is that they will do a detached retina as this is an emergency, but depending on what health trust you come under it is all very different, so I am going to see what my haemo says next week, cannot fault them even though they are at the same hospital hopefully they can make feel a bit more positive about things.

  • Very interesting. I have ET and at my recent eye test I was told I have cataracts coming in both eyes, my left worse than the right. It's good to know of your experience and others as I am now forwarned.

    Push and make a noise. Best of luck. X

  • Hi Bromley, wonder if you are in Bromley as that is where I am? Just seems so unfair that hospitals just want to put us on the scrap heap, had to wait nearly a year before I got my total knee replacement done last year, to find out that this is another along with hip replacements that are going to be not done in a quick time frame anymore although I do think that even a year was a long time to wait, now have joined Benaden Health, which seems to do quite a lot of operations that the NHS has cut back of.

    Anyway I am not ready to give in without a fight, so onwards and upwards!!

  • Me too, the optician first saw them a year ago and this year said they were worse.

    He said to wear sunglasses not just variefocals when out of doors.

  • Just wondering if it is the Hydroxy will ask at my haemo app next week, although I think they will just say that they doubt it is the drug will wait and see. I wear Varifocals that have a transient so go very dark when I am outside which does help, but make the glasses very expensive.

  • Sorry not from Bromley I am "up North". Best of luck.

  • I have P V,on Hydroxy 5yrs,found cataracts this years eye test,not bad enough for removal,pain for me as artist & sculptor,had noticed eyes getting very tired,did wonder the connection with H Y.

  • well i was shocked to read your post superwomen, i have ET and jak2+ im only on asprin at minute , but have cataracts and one eye bad now i cant keep spend out on specs again had 2 pair in less than 9 month , anyway i have glaucomma too and iritis but NHS in no hurry so im going private and having eye op monday . You may need to get 2nd oppinion ,i dont think its right the reasons you were given best wishes Holly

  • I am going to get a second appinion with Benaden, they will do them after I have been with them for six months, and I cannot like you keep on forking out on new glasses every few months. Let us know how you get on Holly.

  • I must be very lucky with my health trust. I have ET and had taken HU for 6 years when my eyes deteriorated. When I saw the eye specialist he asked if the cataracts made life difficult as they were not severe but both right in the centre of my lens. I am a dressmaker and close work was becoming impossible so he said he would do them. Both done now over the last year and I CAN SEE. For the first time in 60 years I don't need glasses for distance vision but I do for close work because they put in lenses to correct some defects. It is a very worthwhile operation and, I believe, cost effective because it makes life so much easier for the patient. I also have macular degeneration which does not interfere too much so far. They are keeping an eye on that as well.

  • Gosh, you are lucky, have Haemo on Wed, so will see if they can persuade them to do them due to quality of life, plus it is going to get really expensive having to have new glasses every year, but if they still will not do them I will go with Benaden, they have said that they can do them for me. Sorry to hear you also have Macular degeneration, a friend of mine also has it but so far he is OK not giving him to many problems, glad to also hear that your cataracts op went well and it has improved your eyesight, need to get mine done soon as do not like having blurred vision.

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