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Why does your spleen become enlarged?

When I was diagnosed with MF I started having night sweats, lost weight, had itching, and most terrifying - I could feel my spleen. What the hell is that? Fortunately, I am past all that now with the right medicine, but why does the spleen enlarge? This video explains it clearly from top experts. Please watch: and let me know if this is helpful. It's your feedback that propels me.

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Hello Andrew

Related totally to your talking of night sweats, in fact any time of day sweats, itching and as for the spleen, mine was 24cm and after taking Rux am now at 11cm. No night sweats either and minimal itching. I could never feel my spleen but it hurt (like having a stitch) when I turned sideways - all that has gone now.

The video was very helpful and I wish I had seen it a year ago because it all makes sense.

Thank you for taking the trouble to post it.

I also have MF, I hope you are doing well.



Hi Linda, Greetings from Seattle, where we just arrived after moving back from Barcelona. Feeling good. Hope to go running today. Taking my medicine religiously. Best to you!


Hi Andrew ,,just seen the video of our interview ,taken with my son Perry .just wanted to say "Thank You ."very much for the time and effort you gave us Brits ,,it was a really good experience ,lovely to meet you all in the team ..twinkly. Xx


Thanks! And we are looking forward to posting 14 videos from the London event. Beyond that there will be a lot coming from the US. I am hosting MPN events in San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston all within the next 5 weeks or so. And we hope to do one in Germany before long too.


I'm not particularly sure where my spleen is. I get a pain under my left ribs, my GP said it was rebound pain from my gall stones - he didn't examine me. Should I mention this when I next see my haematologist? I do get night sweats, but thought that was part of the ET and being a lady of a certain age!


Hmmm have to say I would be a bit wary of that GP as your gallbladder as far as I know is on the right !

My he am will dig about my flab if I ask him to check so it's worth an ask



He sent me for a scan after I told him about the pain on the right and it was confirmed I had gallstones, when I started getting a stitch like pain on the left he said it was "rebound" pain from the gallstones on the right. I don't get it at the same time as the gall stones pain. nor is it there all the time. I think I'd better mention it next time I see the haematologist. My platelets have been fairly steady for a few months at around 380.


Hi Lizziep, Your spleen is on your left side under your ribs. Only the tip of mine can be felt by "doctors who know what to look for." Was also described on CT Scan as mildly enlarged. In Dr Mesa's video he said by the time it's big enough to be felt its 3 times the normal size (normal would be fist size he said). You maybe have rebound pain, I'm not a doc, but could also be your spleen. Good luck. Katie


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