Anaemic/blood results??

Hello All

I've been to the haematology clinic this morning and was told I was anaemic, but that they would keep my HU dosage (16 x 500 mg per week) the same this time but review it in 8 weeks when I go back. My blood results are:

Platelets 394 up from 363 last time (May)

RBC 3.03 down from 3.42 last time

Haemaglobin 112 down from 117 last time

Haematocrit 0.34 down from 0.38 last time

MCV 112.8 from 113.3

MCH 36.9 from 38.4

MCHC and RDW in range, and WBC counts all in range

The results aren't wildly out of the ranges specified but it's always worrying when you don't understand any of these things anyway!

(They could have written it in Swahili for all I understand it!)

Anybody got any idea if these results mean anything??

Or can I play the "I'm not well - someone else will have to do all the cooking/cleaning etc card"

Is it possible it's because I have lost 2 stone over the last few months and the dosage needs changing accordingly?

Thanks in advance for any info (relevant or not!)


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  • Hi

    Like you dont understand them all. The one that stands out is your HGB at 112 - the low for a female is 115 so its not overly anaemic, and these can be affected by how hydrated etc we are.


  • Hi Lizzie not really sure if it helps I am JAK2 Pos ET and also have Sideroblastic Anemia ( this means my BM produces the iron but my Red blood doesn't mature correctly to pick it up and move it round) my heam is happy so long as my HG stays over 100. I currently take 2 x 500mg per day. On last visit platelets had reduced to 870 and HG was 106. That was three weeks ago and I am due to see him in 10 days time but if I feel overly fatigued I have to call to arrange an earlier appointment. Like you I don't really understand all the figures but previously my HG had dropped to 59 and that resulted in me having to have blood transfusions. I can't remember all my results but my MCV was 89 up from 86 previous time.

    Would say if you get worried before your next appointment is due to call and ask to speak to Heam.

    Don't know about the weight I have lost almost two stone since March as I'm really trying to be healthier and drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and veg.

    Love Caz


  • Thanks for replies. I know the haemoglobin isn't really low, but any changes are worrying. I'll phone the doctor if I start to feel ill or anything before my next appointment. At the moment I feel ok.

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