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MPN Voice July Fundraising Updates

Well June was a fantastic fundraising month for MPN Voice!!! You will soon be able to see pictures of all our fantastic June Fundraising Heroes on the MPN Voice Website!!

July is going to be another wonderful fundraising month for MPN Voice, so let me tell you about some of the Events that are taking place.

Claire Hill’s Head Shave at the Wellingborough Carnival on 4th July

Claire and her friends have a Float at the Wellingborough Carnival. It will be decked out with MPN Voice Balloons and Flags, as well as 10 ladies in their MPN Voice T Shirts!!! Claire’s mum has MF and as a show of support to her mum, Claire is having her head shaved!!!

So if you are near Wellingborough on Saturday and see lots of MPN Voice T Shirts, you know that will be Claire and her friends.

If you would like to support Claire, please go to her Just Giving Page

Georgie Jenkinson and fellow Nursing Students - Welsh Climb on 19th July

Georgie Jenkinson is a Nursing Student. She and a few other Nursing Students are taking part in a teamwork project, climbing Cadair Berywn to Moel Sych in Wales!!

Georgie was recently diagnosed with ET and has found the MPN Voice website so helpful and supporting that she thought she would like to use the teamwork project as a means of fundraising for MPN Voice. So she told some fellow Nursing Students and they decided to fundraise for MPN Voice as well!!

If you would like to read more about Georgie and support the Nursing Student’s Welsh Climb, please go to her Just Giving Page

Melissa Raedermacher and friends – Newcastle Obstacle Dash 19th July

Melissa and her friends are taking part in the Newcastle Obstacle Dash in support of her Father in Law who has MF. They decided to fundraise for MPN Voice to help raise funds for the vital Research that MPN Voice are sponsoring as well as to raise awareness of the information and support that MPN Voice give people with our rare blood cancers.

Melissa’s workplace has also agreed to match funds, which is fantastic.

If you would like to support Melissa and her friends, please go to their Just Giving Page

Mandy Vines – Race For Life Cambridge 19th July

Mandy Vines and some of her friends are taking part in the Race For Life in Cambridge on 19th July. Mandy thought it would be a good opportunity to do some fundraising and raise awareness for MPN Voice!! So, if you are in the Cambridge area, you will see Mandy doing her training in her MPN Voice T Shirt, so cheer her on!!

If you would like to support Mandy, please contact me at

There are lots more fundraising events for MPN Voice happening in July. There are a few Dress Down Fridays at work, which with the sunny weather is a great idea!!! And, of course some of the MPN Voice Community have invited friends around for Coffee and Cake as well as Pimms and Strawberries!!

2015 continues to be a very exciting year for MPN Voice. Don’t forget, if you want any help with any fundraising event you are arranging, please email

We will be happy to send out a Fundraising Pack, T Shirt and anything else you might need to help your fundraising go smoothly. It doesn’t have to be a big event or challenge, we would love to hear about anything you are doing.

Thank you to everyone, for your wonderful support, not only are we raising lots of money to fund Research, we are also raising awareness and understanding of our rare blood cancers.

A Big Thank You

From all the Fundraising Team

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I would like to add a big THANK YOU to all these wonderful people for their fund raising events and for helping to raise the profile of MPN voice. Good luck to you all.



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