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My GP is so cheeky

I've been having problems with my Hip for long time now & pains down my leg ,

So he examined me his first words were you need to loose weight , your not taking your mini Stroke seriously

,( in a horrible manner too ,)

Ok in 11 St but not exactly large ..

God sake I really didn't need that , , he never had a good bed side manner ,

I'm upset about this , !!!!?

Sorry for my rant x

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Pam,I suffer really bad pain in both hips,down the back of legs to feet,sometimes so severe it makes me squeak out.I am a skinny 50 kilos,8stoneish,I weigh less than each of my G S D's !!!!Your Doc is out of order,try a chiro practitioner,I had great help with one ,and very sympathetic to the pain,I might add she is a big girl,very fit,does the Olympic teams,guess more than your weight.You have all my sympathy,I too would have been very upset to be treated so,you seem to me to do plenty of exercise,my hip problem is from riding all my life,but there can be many reasons......try a chiro ,sure you will get help,chin up ,keep strong,Sally x


Thanks Sally , he really upset me I'm not the strongest of natures ,

I 've had this since having my first child 28 yrs I've seen a chiropractor a few time about it ,

Yes your right I walk all the time sometimes 3-5 miles aday with my dogs , what happened to sympathetic Doctors ,

I'm so changing my surgery !!!

Thanx my friend

Take care x


Hi Pam

What a rotten experience. Yes change your GP. We have enough too deal with without a rude doctor. I am angry on your behalf feel like telling him what a rude sod he is! He needs to know he is there to help not hinder and his bedside manner needs improvement. Hope your feeling little better now, don't let the B.... grind you down Liz xxx


Awwww Liz your so canny , wish you lived near me , I would take you with me next time & we can set to him lol

I'm still hurt from his remarks ,

I'm now doing Slimming World with my Daughter ,

at least I can loose weight , BUT




Good luck with Slimming world Pam I am sure you will do well. Always good to have someone to go with for encouragement. I have never needed to diet a bit the reverse for me but I have always struggled with doing excercise apart from walking, so always need someone to encourage me when I try it!

Like you say he is the one at a disadvantage, if I lived near you I would happily go with you to sort him! Politeness costs nothing. Take care and let me know how it goes xxx


Liz I love your reply ,

Some people are just heartless at least I have supportive friends like yourself ,to keep my spirits up , I hope for one day we can meet up at a MPN meeting x you sound like a lovely lady like Most people on here xx😜


Well at least you heard what he said. It was his job to tell you for your own good. Do you want a GP who doesn't care enough about you to speak out for your health's sake? Have you already had a mini stroke? With MPN and obesity you are at increased risk of a major stroke, is that what you want? Really?

Now, can you be an adult and take responsibility for your weight?


Hi Borage yes I did hear what he said loud and clear , if he'd took the time to look at my notes & see I had a Tia due to very high Platelets count ( ET ) not because im a bit curvy , & I don't mind him saying I need to loose weight it's the context he said it in

I'm objecting to ,

It's difficult to exersice I've tried gym , I've always gone to gym I love a good work out ,

it's to much impact on my delicate bones since being on Hu ,as I said my hips aren't the best , since my TIA I've lost 18 lbs

& im continuing to loose weight ,

But he was right out of order

I don't have high cholesterol, I don't have high Blood Pressure,

I had a sister who was a slim figure of a woman , but lost her to breast cancer a few years ago , so I do try to life life to the full ,

But at same time look after myself we don't know what's around the corner for any of us ,


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Well said Pam. It's not always as cut and dried as Borage seems to think. I struggle with my weight and am unable to do a great deal of exercise due to arthritis in my feet and hips, but I eat healthily and do what I can when I feel up to it. I think a little more understanding and less lecturing from Borage is called for. Good luck with slimming world. I too am joining with my daughter x

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Hi Nick ( can I call you Nick,?

Thanks for your kind reply , I'm already making good progress on Slimming world

It's so much better now with not having those red & Green days , I do didn't like the way it was then , now I'm fading away

But mind fat or skinny I'm always polite ,

I wish you best of luck at slimming world

With your daughter, x


I agree - change your doctor - good manners cost nothing! My doctor suggested in a very nice way that losing weight would help my arthritis. I too am doing slimming world and have now lost 10% of my body weight and feel a lot better for it. My doctor is full of praise for what I have achieved. I still need to lose more weight and am trying hard to do so. Good luck.


I agree it is not easy to loose weight and not easy to exercise when your joints ache. Very well done on losing 18lbs and for walking 3-5 miles a day. What a shame your G.P. did not acknowledge what you have already achieved and give more encouragement with his advice.

I went to the practise nurse to be weighed weekly and encouraged to loose weight. It wasn't very successful as she was considerably fatter than me and not really a good role model.


Hi Pam of course you can (though my real name is Karen - Nicola is my middle name but my siblings have


ooops sorry pressed submit by mistake! My older sisters and brother have always called me Nick after Nick the devil as I was a bad tempered little so and so as a child!!

I have done slimming world before and lost nearly three stones but have put some back on. I am determined to get back on plan and do something about it as the extra weight is also bad for my heart condition as well as the arthritis and ET!! Good luck and take care x


Ok Nick it is then ,

Mind I forget who you are next week my memory's terrible , lol

I'm hoping it's the HU ,

& Not the TIA I had ,

You to gave a lot to contend with your health , it's nice we have each other for support , I'm so enjoying slimming world eating dropped 4 lb in 5 days ,

I hope you also enjoy it & that we both don't Syn to many lol

And I don't believe you ever had a temper you way to nice ,

Take care Nick ,

From Pam ( North East England. x


Oh Phelpsy what an insensitive soul he is. So glad you have had such support from this site and well done in joining the slimming club but do it in spite of him, not because of him. We all have enough to cope with and don't need such put-downs. All the best of motivation to you and don't be upset anymore. I bet you are quite gorgeous anyway.

Linda x


Linda you right!!!!!

I'm doing it in spite Of him ,

thanks ever so much for your kind message , you did cheer me up a lot , x I've lost 4 lbs this week , if anything I'm motivated now & really enjoying the New Slimming world , take care .

Pam .NE England ,


Ay up Phelpsy - let me firstly say well done to you for your weight loss efforts thus far and say I love your 'a bit curvy' description - nowt wrong wi that, before I let you into a wee secret - your doc is a member of this forum and has spied your lovely self or selfie next to a table covered in what appears to be, from an untrained eye, covered in cakes and buns. . . He was probably put out coz you didn't take him a slice of chocolate cake. Mmmm. . . delish

Cheers JR X


JR you really made my Day ,

Your like a breath of fresh air ,

And by the way I know what I would do with the chocolate cake

And it wouldn't be on a plate lol

Take care

Pam , x


You have a good rant ,,it helps to get it out there !! We all love a good rant !! Xx


Hahaha thanks Twinkly

Im really not one for voicing my opinion , But I'm feeling great now & long my it last ,

I hope your feeling well & getting those Beautiful dogs of yours out & about , Take care

Luv Pam x


With pains down my leg from my dodgy hip

I'm in real danger of a serious fall or trip

So to play it safe I hobbled to my docs the other day

And his first words were ''My my now let's see just what you weigh''

Now whilst I admit I'm a 'curvy' sort of girl

The docs lack of bedside manner made my hair curl

His parting shot ''you need to shed pounds, don't forget your TIA

As if I needed bluntly telling, I've lost 18lbs since that day

I can't believe how rude he was, I went to him for support

Not for him to tell me off and leave me feeling fraught

Anyway I've now joined slimming world and lost 4lb this week

I'll show my doc for pecking at me, he should shut his tactless beak.

Love JRx


I remember a doctor who was notorious for telling people to lose weight actually giving one of his patients a skipping rope because they needed to lose weight. I think it came from a good place but got lost in the delivery. It can be hard hearing people say you need to lose weight but sometimes we need to hear it (myself included!). Just keep doing whatever you have been doing. It's working!


The bad memory us definately the HU - mine is terrible!! Mind you it could be all the other meds as well. It's hard to remember my ôwn name some days! Off on holiday on Friday for a week, will definately be back on slimming world on my return. Keep up the good work. This site is amazing! Xx


Hi Nick , hope you have a fabulous holiday , I've just had mine 10 Days in Alicante it was lovely ,

That I do remember lol

Lov Pam x


Hi Pam,

Well I've never been one to wrap anything up and I know you're going to hate me for it, but could he be right? ( see my reply to Twinkly in her post re giving up on appearances)

Please forgive me if I've hurt your feelings, but honestly, try losing a couple of stone and you'll really really feel the benefit, I can assure you. Not only that, but if you need a hip/ knee replacement in the future, the doctors will look upon you far more favourably if you're an acceptable weight. Unless you're 6ft of course, in which case 11st would possibly be ok......sorry......





Sorry but, I will agree to disagree ,

I see people for who they are , Not what they look like ,

I don't dislike people for there

size / shape , they all have a heart & feelings, I'm from a family of 7 some of us slender & some not so , But , I had a sister very slender but God took her from us at an early age 48 yrs

No one looked after themselve as good as she did

I lost my father when i was 20 ,

When your times up its up ,

Until then I keep a healthy lifestyl quality lliving in moderation

Life is Precious so I like to live it x

Pam x


Hi Pam,

I had a feeling that my reply wouldn't go down very well.

I guess we'll just have to agree to differ - but do try and think of your health, I'm sure your doctor's brusque manner was him only trying to get a message across and was merely his way. I think you have to think firstly, is he a good GP? If not then move on.

I have many a disagreement with my haematologist - he's as feisty as I, but at the end of the day, he jolly well knows what he's talking about.




Ok we will do just that Louise :) ,

I can live with being a size 14 ,

It's so Not large in my eyes , my Consultant at Hospital is totaly different regarding my weight says I'm fine , just eat healthy & exercise , I do both ,

So I'm happy with that , x

Ok how are you these days well I hope x


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