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Good Luck to Our MPN Voice London Marathon Runners John Messenger and Giovanni Maso

Well, it's nearly here! Sunday April 26th, London Marathon Day and for John Messenger and Giovanni Maso, the wait is nearly over. We can't imagine how many hours you have spent pounding the streets, in all sorts of weather, getting ready for this amazing challenge. John and Giovanni, everyone at MPN Voice and all the MPN Voice Community salute you. We wish you Good Luck and that you have an amazing day.

You will probably think, why did I do this to myself at some point in time during your run and definitely after!!! But we would all like to say a HUGE Thank You, for your wonderful dedication. Many of us will be there on Sunday cheering you on. Cheering on behalf of the whole MPN Voice Community.

Run Safe and Enjoy.... Wow you're doing the London Marathon 2015 xxxx

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